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6 Quick Tips on How to Write A Compelling Copy Every Single Time

by Rocket on 
September 03, 2018 | 
Design, Writing and Video

Copywriting is no easy task. 

In fact, it can become quite frustrating and time-consuming to write compelling copy that will engage your targeted persona as well as lead to your desired goal; usually a sale. It is no longer just putting some words on the page or describing the features of your product, it is much more than that. Compelling copy will connect with the reader on an emotional level and adhere to the problem that your product or service is looking to fix.

With all of this in mind, your copy should also be clear, concise and easily digestible. Though, having the clearest & most concise copy will fall flat if it doesn’t compel your personas to act on the call-to-action (CTA). How do you do this you ask? Capture the attention of your personas, target the pain area they are searching to rid themselves of and then present them with a mutually beneficial CTA.

Copy is at the heart of all your marketing and sales solutions – whether it be an email, a remarketing ad, organic social posts or the front page of your website. Each piece of copy should be written for a purpose with your perfect persona group in mind. The importance of your copy is often overlooked but can deliver tremendous results if it is compelling.

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Here are 6 tips on writing compelling copy:

1. Determine Your Perfect Buying Persona

As mentioned, being specific with your copy and targeting different buyer personas will be more effective when writing your copy than trying to appeal to everyone. Create your perfect buyer persona – the more specific you are, the better. Just like a sports professional changes their technique and training method based on the weather and environment, so too should you change the copy you present to your buyer personas. In doing so, you will be able to target pain areas easier and invoke emotionally driven decisions, rather than trying to appeal to rational ideas.

If you’re struggling to put together a detailed buyer persona, try using our buyer persona grid to get you started.

2. Be Specific

As mentioned in tip 1, specificity is key to compelling copywriting. Just as you shouldn’t attempt to write for everyone that might come across your offering, don’t write about everything to do with your product or service. Write your copy in bite-size pieces so it is easily digestible for your persona. Using lengthy words, jargon or “industry speak” will confuse readers and will often turn them away if they feel they don’t understand. Concise writing will ease your persona into reading your copy and will give them a better understanding of the product/service you are offering at a more consumable size.

Bad example: The HairWhizz Straightener & Curler Wand has the ability to curl, straighten, twirl, dry & style your hair all with one piece of equipment. Light, compact and replaces all of your other hair gadgets, get the HairWhizz today.

Good example: Take the stress out of your hair with the HairWhizz. The easy, multi-use hair tool.

Which one appeals to your emotions more when you think about styling your hair? The second example, right? It’s specific, to the point, and appeals to an actual emotion that a persona in this market would be feeling – stress.

3. Be a Conversationalist, Not a Dictator

Write with a conversational tone like you are writing to a friend. Avoid talking “down” to your prospects and use an active voice by using contractions to guide your readers on what to do. People don’t respond well with being told what to do and will often be turned-off by your copy if they feel this is what is happening. Using an active voice, utilising contraction words and conversationally discussing your product/service will keep your persona enlightened and encourage them to keep reading and (hopefully) act on your CTA. Check out our do’s and don’ts for social copy.

This doesn’t (ß contraction word) mean just dumping words into a sentence and hoping they work well. Ensure your copy is readable and flows from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. Reading copy that flows well, rather than stagnant sentences, means an easier and quicker read for your prospect. A handy tip is to read it out loud. If you feel a shortness of breath or you struggle to easily read the sentence aloud, consider shortening it (specificity) or changing the sentence structure.

Grammar also comes in handy! Using the correct spelling and punctuation will communicate professionalism to your readers and create authority. Your prospects will assume that you are professionals in your market, so they will want to feel comfortable in knowing this.

4. Use Examples

Just like writing copy, showing rather than telling is sometimes the best approach. Have you ever been in that situation where your boss is trying to explain something to you and no matter how hard you listen and concentrate on what they are trying to say, you just don’t understand? It happens to the best of us. This is where a good example can save the day.

Using examples will not only add to the credibility of your copy (if used correctly) but will also give your readers a break from information/content rich copy and allow them to apply it to real world scenarios. For example (yep, I’ve thrown one in for you), “using our features vs benefits grid worksheet increased our client’s revenue by 32%”. Examples can be hypothetical real-world scenarios or actual examples that have happened (these tend to work better).

There is an art to using examples effectively, so don’t overuse them. Saturating your copy with examples or using them where they aren’t necessary will confuse your readers and take away from what you are ultimately asking of them.

5. Create Urgency

Just like running in a race, you want to reach the finish line as fast as possible, right? Writing copy can be similar. Creating a sense of urgency in your writing will encourage your target personas to act now and hit that CTA right then and there. You don’t want your readers to have to go away and think about following your CTA or consulting someone else about the best response for the action, you want them to act as soon as possible.

How is this done, you ask? Use an active tone of voice and action words to steer your prospect in the right direction. For example, have a look at the 2 examples below and decide which one you think is more effective.

Example 1: Use our “Features Vs Benefits” worksheet to write better copy


Example 2: Download our Features Vs Benefits worksheet NOW and transform your copy!

Which one do you think is more effective? Example 2, right? It uses active voice with a capitalised adverb and action words such as download and transform. This encourages the reader to take the desired action right then and there. Changing verbs and single words can be the difference between urgent or passive copy.

6. Solve the Problem, Don’t Sell the Solution

People hate being sold to. This is the first rule of selling. So, don’t try to sell to them, solve the problem they have come to you for. You probably landed on this page because you want to know how to write compelling copy for your business – this was no accident. I have provided a solution to your problem and created value without asking for anything in return. You’re also here because I didn’t try and sell these 6 steps to you.

What resonates with you better? How to Write Copy the Correct Way: 6 Copywriting Tips OR Sign Up Today for our 6 Copywriting Tips… well, I would assume the first option seeing as you’ve read this far. You’ll be surprised how many people roll with option 2, forgetting about the whole intent for searching in the first place and ignoring their target personas. There is only one thing people hate more than being sold to and that is being sold too before they’ve even contacted your business.


As you’re probably aware, writing copy is no easy feat and takes lots of practice. If you need help with writing copy for your campaigns, landing pages, social pages or sales material, get in touch with one of our copywriting specialists today, they’d be glad to help you feel confident with your copywriting. Or, book an obligation FREE consultation and walk away assured with your copywriting skills.

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