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Our Perfect Client

Is Rocket the Right Sized Agency For You?

Often when we talk to a new client, they’ll tell us they thought they would be too small for us. The assumption is that our perfect client is a gigantic global company with a well-known logo rather than someone just like them. The reality is that we want to work with clients where we can clearly drive performance and personally enjoy the working relationship, rather than land a household brand name for the sake of it.

We have deep experience across many industries, we've won awards for our work in B2B and B2C campaigns and we have a proven track record working with both large and small clients. You'll get the best out of working with Rocket if marketing is important to you, if we can work together as partners and if driving leads and sales is central to your campaign goals.

Has a marketing track-record and understands it’s an investment, not a get-rich-quick scheme
Has an empowered
member of the team who is excited about owning
the relationship with us.
Possesses a drive to
achieve improved leads
or sales from their
Is open to new ideas
and is willing and able for
things to change in order
to get better results.

Here’s our 2022 client mix


Small Australian Businesses

5-19 employees


Medium-sized Australian business

20-199 employees


Large Australian Businesses

200+ employees


Global Brands

All shapes and sizes


Not for profits & Government

Large and Small

The best way to know if outsourcing some, or all of your marketing to Rocket will generate great results, is to talk to us.

We only take on campaigns where we believe we can deliver

One of our core values is “Do what’s right” and this starts from the very first conversation we’ll have with you. A key part of this discussion will be centred around understanding your business, your competitive landscape and your marketing goals.

If in our experience, hitting your goals or giving you a positive return on investment is unlikely, we’ll let you know. If we don’t believe we’re the right agency to help drive results, then we won’t take on your campaign. If we can recommend another agency we think is better suited then we’ll introduce you to them. That’s our promise to you. Let’s Talk.

Working with Rocket FAQs

How many people will work on my marketing campaign?

A standard campaign has a team of between 3 and 7 people involved at different times. All campaigns have a dedicated Account Manager who works with our strategists and specialists to ensure the strategy we are pursuing is the best one to achieve your business goals. Your Account Manager will also be your direct point of contact within the agency and will ensure everything is running smoothly at all times. Working with your Account Manager are dedicated channel specialists who are experts in their area (for example SEO, Google Ads, Email, Social Media Ads). In addition, our campaigns are supported by our designers, writers and videographers who will bring your campaign to life and ensure that your visitors take the desired actions online.

How long do I need to commit to working with you?

Typically, our clients work with us for an initial minimum period of 6-12 months. This gives us enough time to test, learn, adapt and optimise campaigns for a better return on investment. We plan our campaign strategies in six month periods, focusing on our client’s specific business goals. However, we are agile in our approach - if for example, we learn that a particular channel is not delivering results despite optimisation, we will recommend switching channels/plans mid-way. ‘Take Ownership’ and 'Do Right By the Client’ are two of our core values.

I have a limited media budget. How do you choose a channel for my campaigns?

At Rocket, having worked on thousands of campaigns as a digital marketing agency, our team has become skilled at identifying the lowest hanging fruit and advising on channels that will give the best return in the long term, depending on your business goals and budget. Most of all, we believe that the proof is in the pudding. If a channel doesn’t deliver the expected results, we work with the team to find a better alternative.

How does Rocket Agency measure campaign success?

The success of any campaign is judged using your business goals. Your Account Manager will work with you during the initial part of the engagement to set clear KPIs which will lead to overall success. Some of the more common measures of success are leads, sales, cost per acquisition and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

What are the core capabilities of the team at Rocket Agency?

First off, we’re business-driven. Rocket’s founders have previously started and run four thriving seven-figure businesses and now work full-time at the agency. Our digital marketing specialists have spent years honing their skills in Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Bing Ads and Email marketing. Our team routinely participates in up-skilling workshops and online training so we’re always putting our best foot forward while engaging with clients.

Does Rocket Agency outsource campaign work to other agencies?

We are a strong team of 30+ marketing specialists committed to working on your campaigns and helping you achieve your business outcomes. We implement all core client work in house, from strategy development to execution, analysis and optimisation.

The only exception to this is that in some cases we transparently bring in trusted external content specialists where we believe it will be in the best interests of the client.

How do you price your digital marketing agency services?

Our agency rates depend on the number of channels we manage for you, the complexity of your campaign and the media you spend on those campaigns. These form the fixed part of our agency fees that are billed on a monthly basis. Other than this, we may work with you on a one-off project to complement your digital marketing strategy, which is priced separately. One-off projects include conversion rate optimisation projects, video production projects, website development projects, landing page development projects, content creation/design projects, CRM set-up and training projects.

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