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Beautiful Creative That Drives Measurable Results


No amount of digital marketing or technical wizardry will overcome poor creative.

Big and small campaigns live or die on the strength of the creative ideas behind them. The reality though is that the bottom-line result is often not the #1 thing driving the people producing creative ideas for your campaigns. They might have the primary goal of being clever, cool, or fun or simply getting the job done. 

Enter Rocket’s creative agency, and our approach to delivering creative with a singular focus of driving a desired action from your audience. Our strategists, designers and data-driven marketers work together to combine their unique skills. It’s art and science working on your creative challenge.

We work with businesses just like you!

From SMEs launching a new product, to established enterprises looking to increase market share, we’ve helped achieve it all.

We’re trusted by Australian companies across industries including retail, finance, IT, government, technology, real estate, aged care, hospitality and more.
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Our Creative Services

We have a proven track record of delivering award-winning campaigns powered by high performing creative. Our highly experienced designers and data-driven marketers combine their skills to deliver creative assets with a single purpose - to drive specific and desired actions. Following are examples of some of the types of creative we regularly produce.

Display Ads

Whether you’re prospecting or remarketing, effective and beautiful creative is the key to driving clicks and inspiring action.

Paid Social Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok all have one thing in common - your campaigns will only perform if the creative truly inspires action.

Email Marketing

Creating and launching the perfect email strategy is one of the highest ROI activities a marketer can undertake. Success supports all marketing efforts.


To stand out, your website content, blogs, downloadables and long form content need more than just clever words. Content needs to be designed to perform.

Landing Pages

Traffic is expensive and media budgets get wasted because of poor performing landing pages. It’s time to understand what works when converting your visitors.


Don’t let bottlenecks and obstacles on your website limit the conversions generated from your visitors. CRO is often the fastest way to drive ROI gains.

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Industry-recognised digital agency

Rocket is a Google Premier Partner, a title awarded to only 3% of all agencies in Australia. We were Australia's first Bing Select Partner, pioneering advertising on this platform. We continue to be a Facebook Business Partner and have recently been recognised as a HubSpot Platinum Partner for the work we do in marketing automation. Rocket is also recognised as Australia's Top Full-Service Digital Company on independent review platform, Clutch and is named one of Australia's top-ranked workplaces on the 2023 AFR Boss Best Places to Work list.
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Why Choose Rocket as your Creative Agency?

We’re a digital marketing agency of 50+ specialists with a proven track record of delivering creative which performs.

We’ve got the 
runs on the board

We’ve run thousands of campaigns for hundreds of clients and at the core of all these campaigns has been performance. Our clients want results, and our designers and data-driven marketers use every bit of their experience to deliver them.

Performance first perspective

It’s not uncommon for designers, writers and videographers to focus more on creativity than delivering on the goal of an overall campaign. When you work with Rocket’s creative team you can rest easy knowing that focussing on performance is their first and last instinct.

It’s all about 

Running successful marketing campaigns has become a multi-disciplinary endeavour. Gone are the days when any one person can do it all. At Rocket our designers, data-driven marketers and strategists work together from start to finish.

You’ll love the experience!

One of our core values is ‘No Jerks’. We recruit great people who want to make a difference for our clients. Work with Rocket and you’ll see the impact. We survey our clients and our team quarterly for feedback on how we can do better and love nothing more than acting on their feedback.

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Webinar: Digital Marketing in Australia

Join us for a live, moderated 60-minute webinar presented by James Lawrence on changes to digital marketing in 2024. Understand attribution and data challenges, AI and how to balance brand and performance ads. Get 8 actionable steps to get digital right in 2024. 

Creative that Delivers Sales and Leads

Expect creative that looks great
Drive revenue and growth with effective creative
Make the most of your marketing budget
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High-performing creative does not need to sacrifice anything when it comes to visual impact and appeal. In fact, we know that a core part of any successful creative is a strong idea and an impactful delivery.

We’ll work with your team and your brand guidelines to ensure that whatever we produce is on-brand and designed to succeed. Often our creative is so strong our clients look for ways to roll it out in their broader organisation.

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Once you’ve optimised your campaigns and website, you’ll typically find it challenging to generate game-changing performance improvements without changing the underlying creative.

That’s where a great digital creative agency comes in. The Rocket team will work with you to understand the purpose of each piece of creative and use data, insights and experience to produce creative ready to deliver game-changing growth.

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So often, marketing budgets are held down by underperforming creative assets. Significant money is spent on media and generating an audience only to find that audience clicking away without converting.

Creative has the goal of understanding your audience and producing creative assets which will inspire them to take the desired action. Well-executed creative will see your conversion rate improve and your cost per acquisition fall.

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Partner with the Most Effective Creative Agency in Australia


Let’s talk

Speak to one of our Senior Consultants to clarify your marketing objectives from your creative agency.


Optimise campaigns

Our experts will develop a bespoke creative strategy and work with designers and copywriters to launch your campaigns in-market.


Increase leads and sales

Watch your return on investment grow as our team minimises your cost per click and maximises conversions from your new creative.

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Visit Our Office

Our Sydney office is located in the creative heart of Surry Hills, just a 3-minute walk from Central Station. You’ll find Rocket’s second home in QV Melbourne, right near the State Library. If you’re nearby, we'd love to catch up over a coffee.

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We’d love to make your creative perform.

Drop us a line.

If you’ve got a challenge we’d love the chance to come up with a solution. Most of all though, we’d love to help grow your business.

Creative Agency FAQs

What’s the difference between performance creative and traditional creative?

The performance creative process is all about blending art and science to produce creative work in the form of ad images, digital banners, video ads and the like, designed specifically to deliver on a clearly defined marketing goal. Performance creative is further optimised by reviewing and analysing ad performance data. 

Compare this to a traditional creative approach which, if you’re lucky, relies on innovative ideas, research, brand guidelines and gut feel. The reality is that it’s often a designer that develops a creative based on what they feel is right or by recycling ideas the team ‘think’ worked well last year. With the traditional creative approach, success or failure remains a mystery as marketers rely on subjective ways to measure success.

Performance creative takes advantage of the fact that in digital, we can quickly understand how users have interacted with and responded to different creative assets and objectively make changes to get a better result. When it comes to digital, think display ads, search ads, social media ads, landing pages, videos, content, websites, emails, social posts and more.

What are the benefits of a great creative agency?

Great creative allows you to target specific audiences and then track the effectiveness of your marketing assets in real-time. 

Thoughtful, strategic and data driven ad creative helps your brand to resonate with the right audience. What’s more, being able to measure the impact of your assets gives you clarity so you make informed decisions about targeting options, messaging and design. Creative allows you to run cost-effective short-term ad experiments and so you can plan future campaigns with confidence.

What are some best practices for creative in digital marketing?

It is important to define clear goals and objectives for your marketing campaigns, to determine whether your creative was successful, or whether it missed the mark. Examples of goals include a benchmark click-through rate, form submissions on a landing page, e-commerce sales from ads and the like. 

You should also create high-quality, channel-specific, ad-format specific and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. For instance, content that might be successful on YouTube may not trigger the same results on TikTok. One 1080 x 1080 ad creative across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Display and YouTube won’t fly in today’s world. 

Finally, consistency is key! Ensure that all your ad creative assets and copy deliver consistent messaging across all your active ad channels.

How can I measure the success of my creative efforts?

There are several ways to measure the success of your creative, including:

  • Tracking website traffic and conversions.
  • Monitoring engagement across social media platforms.
  • Measuring email campaign performance, such as open and click-through rates.
  • Using A/B testing and analysing results to see what resonated best with your audience, and whether it drove action.

How do I get started with creative?

In order to get started with creative, you should establish your campaign goals and objectives. Next, conduct thorough competitor research so you’re not starting your ads from a blank piece of paper. Then, define your target audience and buyer personas; this will allow you to create powerful concepts that reach the right people, and motivate them to engage with your brand. 

Most importantly, spend some time developing a deep understanding of your buyer journey so you can identify the best combination of marketing channels to meet your target audience as they move through the buyer’s journey.

If you need a hand with developing powerful creative assets for your next ad campaign, contact us here.

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