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About Jamesons

Jamesons Strata Management are a leading strata services provider in Sydney. They specialise in many types of strata across NSW including residential, retirement, and commercial, mixed-use & industrial.

Rocket has been managing Jamesons’ PPC and SEO channels successfully, transforming their lead generation strategy and contributing to their exponential business growth.

As their brand grew, Jamesons were keen to explore paid social as a channel, to drive quality top-of-funnel traffic to their site.


Rocket was entrusted to launch and test new creative and messaging across Meta, YouTube, Display and Search ad campaigns for Jamesons. As a part of this campaign, we wanted to test paid social as a top-of-funnel marketing channel. The goal of the refreshed ad campaigns was to increase brand awareness within their target market and eventually build a pool of warm audiences that would ‘request a quote’ for their strata management services.

Creative Approach

Jamesons is a family-run business. While they focussed on growth, their brand identity and brand assets remained dated. Since the goal of our campaign was to drive brand awareness, it became clear to Rocket and Jamesons that their brand needed an uplift - to communicate the evolution of their business and the quality of their services. 

The performance creative arm of Rocket met with the team of Jamesons to discuss their brand image and brand perceptions. Everyone agreed that the brand needed to be seen as more personable. The website at the time did not include any images of people. The conclusion was to push creative that would have more emotive and memorable messaging, images and video. The design team kept this front-of-mind during the production phase of the campaign.


In terms of Paid Social, Facebook and Instagram were chosen as the ideal channels to take Jamesons’ new creative concepts and message to market. Refreshed ad assets were also launched via YouTube, Display and Search campaigns on Google Ads.

Rocket launched the top-of-funnel campaign with two core concepts using data-driven insights from A/B testing creatives in the market. 

  • Concept #1: It’s about… - The “It’s about…” concept intended to pull the heartstrings of audiences. The creative development used emotional appeals to intrigue the audience and evoke feelings of excitement one feels while moving into a new property. 

  • Concept #2: J is for Jamesons - This animation aimed to take audiences on a journey, drawing connections between moving into a new home and signing on a strata management company. Rocket’s design team also created a unique animation of the 'J' in Jamesons to showcase a personable winky face. 

The client was over the moon with this creative and has now adopted the animation in their email signature and overall brand book.



Increase in Leads YoY


Better CTR than Industry-Average


CVR from remarketing campaigns


This case study is a classic example of performance creative in action!

The new creative and channel selection unlocked brand new audiences, driving 58% additional leads to Jamesons YoY in ~6months it was launched. 

Concept #2: J is for Jamesons led the way in terms of both impressions and leads for the client. After careful consideration and analysis, Rocket’s paid media specialists stopped running ads showcasing Concept #1 and focussed the media budget on the better-performing creatives. 

With 110,000+ impressions, the prospecting audience was highly engaged with the content, with Meta prospecting campaigns delivering an average CTR of 2.08%, 2x better than the industry average of 0.9% (Source).

The retargeting audience showcased an impressive CVR of 10.61%, proving that launching remarketing campaigns on Facebook was the right choice for capturing previously engaged leads.

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