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How Rezdy Smashed Acquisition Targets with a Full-Funnel Digital Campaign

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About Rezdy

Tour and activity operators can struggle with booking management – think double bookings, endless phone calls and multiple systems. Rezdy’s all-inclusive SaaS platform accepts, displays and manages bookings, all in real time.


Rocket was tasked with the challenge of drastically increasing the number of trial sign ups, to consistently and conitunously nurture Rezdy's sales cycle for them to step into growth as never before. Aware of the value of their platform, Rezdy just needed more of their perfect prospects across 120 countries trialling and ultimately, adpting their software.


Rocket was given full accountability over the digital marketing strategy, messaging, asset selection and budget allocation.

We kicked off the campaign with a Persona Discovery Workshop that formed the basis of all messaging and creative. The resulting strategy activated multiple digital touchpoints across three critical stages of the user journey.

  • Awareness: Unbranded Google Search ads and prospecting social video ads suitable for mobile, to reach businesses on the go.
  • Consideration: Branded Google Ads, display remarketing and remarketing social video ads.
  • Adoption: An automated email flow to guide trial users and encourage self-purchase.

Our strategy included a performance tracking and measurement framework to build a strong feedback loop process, providing insights into performance by channel, geolocations, ad type and more.



increase in new users from paid sources


increase in qualified leads


increase in CVR from paid channels


The results from the campaigns surpassed any and every target set by Rezdy within months of engaging with Rocket!

Awareness: 135% increase in new users from Paid sources (excluding organic, direct and referral traffic)
Acquisition: 616% increase in Supplier Signups through paid sources with only 76% increase in media spend.
Efficiency: 83% reduction of Cost Per Acquisition & 598% increase in conversion rate for paid sources.
Adoption: 177% increase in-app self-purchase rate during the software trial period since launch


Our Award Wins

  • Winner 'Best Pandemic Adapting Marketing Campaign' SEMrush Awards 2021
  • Winner 'Best B2B Campaign' SEMrush Awards 2019
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"In agency land, the client is often pitched a dream that isn't delivered. It's been a pleasure to find the exception to the rule."

Rick Hudson, Marketing Manager, Rezdy


All creatives, characters, ad concepts and the like have been developed by Rocket in collaboration with the Rezdy team keeping the brand energy, tone and impact on campaigns in mind. 

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