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An eCommerce Agency Focused on Sales Growth

It’s hard to stand out online when the internet is home to millions of businesses clambering to prove that they have the best product or service on the market. At times, it can feel like the internet has evolved into a shouting match between multi-million dollar businesses that rewards sheer quantity of ads rather than quality of goods and services.

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But what if there was a way to even the playing field and find the perfect intersection between attracting quality traffic and selling quality products?

An eCommerce marketing agency can assist your business in identifying and reaching your ideal target audience. At Rocket, this means we create targeted and compelling campaigns that address all stages of the customer journey. As a leading eCommerce agency in Sydney, we work closely with our clients to fuel business growth in practical and trackable ways.

Drive sales to your eCommerce website

Rocket is an award-winning eCommerce marketing agency in Sydney that has extensive experience in helping eCommerce businesses grow, convert and prosper.

Our team of marketing and data experts craft digital marketing strategies that take advantage of the current online landscape. This allows us to reach potential customers for your eCommerce business and steer them through the awareness, consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey.

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Keeping up with the competition?

Your competitors seem to be adapting to the ever-changing eCommerce marketing world, but you’re unsure how to keep up with it when trends seem to disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Turning mountains of data into revenue?

You’ve collected a bunch of data that looks more like a series of unsolvable maths problems rather than meaningful facts and figures.

Reaching the right customers?

You might have a target persona, but reaching out to them in a way they’ll genuinely welcome is proving to be a tricky task.

Sales not tracking upwards?

You’ve invested a good chunk of your marketing budget into ad spend but have yet to experience the ROI you had envisioned.

Let Rocket drive conversions to your site

As an award-winning eCommerce ads agency, Rocket Agency has a proven track record of driving business growth through digital channels. Our specialists in Google Ads, SEO and Paid Social specialists work seamlessly with our team of designers, strategists, videographers and writers to deliver purposeful digital performance services.

Partner with leading brands and technologies in the industry

Rocket has access to industry-leading technologies that can boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With cutting-edge digital design and video production software, conversion rate optimisation programs, EDM tools and other advanced marketing technologies, you can be sure that your campaign is in the hands of industry experts.

Learn what your competitors are doing - and do it better

Benchmarking against your competitors should be one of the driving forces behind your marketing strategy. Find out why your target audience is being channelled to your competitor’s website and use this knowledge to redirect them to yours.

Launch targeted marketing campaigns driven by data

Data forms the backbone of what we do at Rocket. It’s what allows us to determine the best direction for campaigns and focus our efforts on the areas generating strong results.

Start selling to the right 

Don’t waste your budget on advertising your products or services to the wrong audience. Rocket makes the most of your marketing efforts by running hyper-focused campaigns that target your ideal customers.

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The Australian eCommerce Marketing Checklist

19 Killer Tips to Scale Your Online Business

Our eCommerce Marketing Services

Paid Search

Paid Search is one of the most popular forms of marketing for eCommerce businesses - and rightly so. A successful Paid Search Campaign can dramatically increase your business’s exposure and attract the right traffic to your website, which you can then convert into paying customers. But a high CTR relies on more than just coming up with catchy text or pretty images. 

Our award-winning team can help your business launch high-performing Search Ads, YouTube Ads and Display Ads. By choosing high-performing keywords, we can direct your ad spend into the most profitable channels. We understand that Google ads for eCommerce require consistent tracking, analysis and optimisation to maximise impressions and clicks. With our in-house specialists by your side, you’ll have measurable results for your Paid Search campaigns that align with your business’ objectives.


Social Media Ads

It’s a complex world out there on social media, with changing algorithms, tracking issues and ever-advancing features. Despite this, people spend an astonishing amount of time on social media so it’s an ideal platform to extend your presence into. We stay on top of all the latest developments in Social Media Ads so you can reach your target audience without worrying about current ad practices, meaningless ‘likes’ or evolving best practice.

Our social media experts deliver performance-driven campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. With persuasive copywriting and eye-catching visuals, you can be assured that our designers will create innovative ads that resonate with your target audience.


Are your competitors ranking above you on Google? SEO in eCommerce provides an answer for businesses looking to improve their ranking on search engines by combining the best talent of content writers, coders and technical specialists. Adopting an SEO strategy as an eCommerce business means you are optimising your online presence to cater to Google’s changing algorithms. Enhancing product page SEO is an extremely effective way to grow sustainable, organic website traffic.

Our eCommerce SEO specialists use reliable tools to carve out online relevance and authority for your business’s products or services. We’ll conduct in-depth technical audits to identify potential areas of improvement on your website and provide deliberate solutions to your website’s problems. With local, enterprise and general SEO strategies available, our team can help your eCommerce business extend and strengthen its online presence.


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We work with businesses just like you!

At Rocket, we have a perfect client in mind. Lots of businesses think this means we only cater to huge, multinational corporations with impressive logos and fancy websites. But that’s not the case.

As an eCommerce digital marketing agency, we work with small, medium and large companies, focusing more on the relationship we can build with the business rather than how well-known their brand is. Our marketing experts have worked across a diverse range of industries and won awards for both B2B and B2C campaigns.   

At the end of the day, we want clients that we can genuinely help to thrive.


Rocket partners with the best

Rocket is a Google Premier Partner, a title awarded to only 3% of all agencies in Australia. We were Australia's first Bing Select Partner, pioneering advertising on this platform. We continue to be a Facebook Business Partner and have recently been recognised as a HubSpot Platinum Partner for the work we do in marketing automation. 
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Facebook Business Partner
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does eCommerce marketing even work?

With varying eCommerce marketing tools available encompassing everything from PPC and social media marketing to SEO and email marketing, no two eCommerce campaigns will look the same.

Whatever tactics you may employ in your eCommerce marketing campaign, its core purpose will be to drive traffic to your online store and convert that traffic into paying customers.

What eCommerce marketing trends should I be aware of?

Digital marketing trends can be complex to pin down simply because technology is constantly evolving. Current eCommerce trends address the massive growth of mobile shopping by using new technology to better support the buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration to decision. This simplification has appeared in numerous forms including an increased use of chatbots, more payment methods and social media websites becoming sales channels.

How much should I be spending on eCommerce marketing?

Typically, it’s recommended for businesses to spend between 10% and 13% of their total revenue on marketing. This number can be higher or lower depending on your specific situation.

Is it better to hire an agency or have an in-house marketing team?

It depends on your marketing challenges and budget. But hiring an eCommerce agency or having an in-house marketing team doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. In fact, the best marketers will know that it’s best to have a combination of in-house and agency marketing resources to harness the benefits of both.

What makes Rocket Agency worth it?

Rocket Agency has solved digital marketing challenges for hundreds of Australian businesses across a diverse range of industries by running results-driven SEO, Social Media and Google Ads campaigns. Our team of digital marketing specialists is dedicated to delivering real, tangible results for your business.

Does Rocket Agency work on eCommerce marketing strategy as well?

Definitely. As an eCommerce marketing agency, Rocket Agency will work alongside you to build your eCommerce marketing strategy from beginning to end.

When will I start seeing results?

This will depend on your strategy and how exactly your business defines ‘results’. As time frames and results can be tricky to quantify, the best way to answer this question is to speak to our team.

How do I get started with eCommerce marketing?

You’ll first need to come up with an eCommerce marketing strategy that clearly outlines your existing marketing problems and the solutions you’ll be developing to address them. Your strategy should put (realistic) numbers to your campaign goals and answer some foundational questions. What does success look like in the context of your business? How can you best reach your target audience?

Start driving eCommerce conversions today

Too often innovative marketing campaigns for eCommerce businesses have gone to waste because their strategists were unfamiliar with the complex landscape of digital marketing.

If you’ve got an eCommerce marketing challenge we’d love the chance to come up with a solution. Most of all though, we’d love to help grow your business.

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