How Snap Print Solutions Increased Revenue with SEO and Google Ads

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About Snap Print Solutions

Snap Print Solutions is a leading business printing specialist, offering a wide range of printing services to organisations of all sizes, from local clubs to multinational corporations. With over 130 locally owned and operated centres across Australia, Snap is deeply rooted in local communities and understands the needs of businesses.

Snap Print Solutions provides end-to-end printing services, covering everything from graphic design to finishing touches like mounting and laminating. With Snap Print Solutions Online (PrintOnline), customers can order prints online 24/7 while being supported by Australia's largest network of print and design experts, available for personalised assistance by phone or in-person.


Snap Print Solutions engaged Rocket Agency as their search marketing agency to deliver their marketing objectives. Snap aimed to achieve continuous growth in website traffic and Request-A-Quote (RAQ) submissions to boost awareness and revenue both online and offline.


Rocket Agency worked to understand Snap Print Solutions' business goals, covering areas such as e-commerce, local advertising, market share against competitors, and B2B growth. The scope of work focussed on search engine marketing, particularly Google Ads and SEO. 

SEO Strategy:

Rocket Agency began with a thorough SEO audit to identify and address technical and content-related issues that affected Snap Print Solutions' website performance. This included the following:

  • Crawling and Indexation Audit: Ensuring efficient serving of their content to search engine bots and optimising crawl budget to focus on valuable pages.
  • Content Audit: Evaluating existing content on the corporate and print online site to enhance organic traffic quality.
  • Citations Audit: Reviewing and updating all local directories to maintain consistent and accurate location details across the web.
  • Keyword Research and Intent Analysis: Focusing on local and product/service keywords to identify opportunities for better search rankings.
  • Keyword Mapping: Mapping high opportunity keywords to existing and new pages to inform the content plan.
  • SEO Implementation Rollout: Implementing on-page optimisations, metadata copywriting, internal linking, and link building to boost search engine visibility.
  • Google My Business Optimisation: Enhancing local SEO for Snap Print Solutions' centres across Australia.

Google Ads Strategy:

Rocket Agency restructured and optimised Snap Print Solutions' Google Ads campaigns to maximise results. Key tactics included:

  • Account Consolidation: All Google Ads activity was moved to a single account, simplifying budget management and reporting.
  • Campaign Segmentation: Brand and Generic keywords were separated into different campaigns and further segmented by the state to allow for better control and flexibility over the national campaign.
  • Ad Copy and Keywords: Crafted specifically to drive RAQs, leading users to the ‘Find A Centre’ landing page.
  • Competitor Campaign: Launched a campaign targeting key competitors to position Snap Print Solutions as a compelling alternative and to capture market share.
  • Performance Max Campaigns: Shopping campaigns were changed to Performance Max, a new hybrid campaign model that targets users across all ad inventory, including shopping, search, display and video.
  • Product Titles Optimisation: Updating product titles according to best practices to maximise conversions
  • Experiment Campaigns: Trial campaigns were implemented to prove the return of certain tactics. Successful experiments were then rolled out nationally.



Increase in RAQs from Organic Channels


Decrease in Cost per RAQ from Google Ads


YoY Increase in Organic Transactions


Within just six months of partnering with Rocket Agency, Snap Print Solutions achieved exceptional results:

  • 17% Increase in RAQs: This was the result from all channels, including those not managed by Rocket. 
  • 16% Increase in PrintOnline Revenue: Boosting online revenue through effective digital marketing efforts.
  • 44.67% Increase in RAQs from Organic Channels: Optimised SEO efforts resulted in substantial organic growth.
  • 35% Decrease in Cost per RAQ from Google Ads: Improved ad performance and cost efficiency.
  • 16% Increase in RAQs from Google Ads: Despite reducing ad spend by 25%, Rocket Agency's strategies led to more RAQs.
  • 91.5% YoY Increase in Organic Transactions: Substantially higher organic transactions driven by SEO.

Rocket Agency's partnership with Snap Print Solutions showcases our expertise in driving business growth through comprehensive digital marketing strategies. With Rocket Agency's help, Snap Print Solutions achieved consistent growth in website traffic, RAQ submissions, and revenue, both online and offline.

Creative Refresh

The optimisation of Snap's website included a creative refresh for local centre pages. Below is the before vs after design of one of the pages. 

snap printing previous design
snap printing updated design

Our Award Wins

  • 'Winner' Best Local Campaign - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'Finalist' Best Content Marketing Campaign - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'FInalist' Best SEO Campaign - APAC Search Awards 2023
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