How atWork Australia Achieved 10x Better Recruitment Conversion

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About atWork Australia

atWork Australia is a disability employment service provider for the Australian Government, established in 2003. They work with people living with disability to become job ready and also help employers access a broader pool of talented candidates. atWork Australia delivers Disability Employment Services (DES), Indigenous Employment Services, jobactive, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and ParentsNext, striving for fulfilled lives and a strong and inclusive Australia through health and employment. atWork Australia was looking to switch digital agencies in 2021. After a competitive pitch, Rocket was selected as their preferred performance marketing agency to place atWork Australia as the #1 top-of-mind DES provider in the country.


Rocket was challenged to work within a set budget and timeframe to achieve four key objectives for atWork Australia's recruitment drive. They are as follows: 

  • Generate a high number of applications at a minimal cost to fill operations roles for Workforce Australia and DES
  • Target a broad range of applicants with a customer service background
  • Increase overall brand awareness and applications for atWork Australia job vacancies
  • Increase awareness of atWork Australia as a great place to work


Rocket collaborated with the atWork Australia team to develop fresh creatives and revised messaging and launched the campaigns across multiple digital channels. The digital strategy was relatively complex as it targeted multiple personas - people looking for career changes as well as employers. Some of the highlights included:

1. Concept Creation Workshop - This step involved Paid Media specialists and Designers studying atWork Australia's target personas and their motivations. They then developed and presented brand new creative campaign concepts that turned brand messaging into impactful and relevant brand assets.

2. Channel Selection and Budget Allocation

  • Google Ads - Search, Display and YouTube were activated to accelerate different parts of the marketing funnel. The budget was allocated based on historical data on conversions. YouTube featured short videos of atWork Australia staff. Shots from these videos were also used in static ads to save time and budget.
  • LinkedIn Ads - a recruitment focussed campaign was launched for higher quality applications, targeting people specifically looking for jobs.
  • Facebook Ads - The majority of the media budget was allocated to Facebook, given the target options available based on interest. The ad copy was regularly updated and fresh video creatives were introduced early in the campaign.

3. Campaign Performance Optimisation - Ad campaigns were optimised based on location, audiences, ad format (video vs static), and conversion results among other factors. We also considered the path to conversion, taking into account the value of different channels to users before they make an inquiry. Based on performance, we shuffled around the budget from some Facebook Ads to YouTube Ads to drive better overall results for the campaign.

4. Tracking, Reporting and Recommendations - Rocket and atWork Australia overcame tracking challenges at the beginning of the campaign collaboratively. Regular and transparent communication resulted in better creatives, better landing pages and overall, better results and a healthy client-agency relationship.



Better Applicant to Hire Conversion vs. Seek


Ad Impressions Aver the Campaign Period


Increase in Employer Brand Awareness


The recruitment campaign for atWork Australia was successful, delivering short-term and long-term marketing results.

  • The conversion rate of applicants to hire from digital marketing campaigns was 28%, compared to just 2.4% on Seek. That's more than 10x better!
  • 40% of leads generated were outside the general demographic data, showing that the campaign engaged a diverse range of Australians.
  • The campaign drove 1M impressions, exposing atWork to a wide audience and increasing brand awareness.
  • Anecdotal feedback from the recruitment team highlighted the impact of campaigns with candidates talking about the ads and their interest to engage.

Long-term wins:

  • The creative used for the campaign has been used more broadly across organic content, building brand awareness with a broader target audience.
  • The campaign tagline, ‘more than a career’ influenced and changed recruitment advertising across the board.
  • External brand health tracking revealed that brand awareness for atWork Australia has grown by 20% as an employer.

The collaborative relationship has ensured that Rocket and atWork Australia have met the business outcomes set for the digital campaigns.

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