Elevating UNDA’s Enrolment Rates with Digital Marketing

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The University of Notre Dame is one of Australia’s top-ranked universities for student experience, teaching quality and skills development. A leader in undergraduate employment rates, UNDA places immense value on its students. Established over three decades ago, the university has consistently upheld its commitment to teaching and learning excellence. They offer several higher education courses such as Nursing, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations and even advanced courses such as Doctor of Medicine.


UNDA partnered with Rocket to face the challenge of increasing course applications through paid digital campaigns, enhancing the university's appeal as the preferred choice for students. A key aspect of this challenge was improving tracking mechanisms to gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance beyond standard metrics like clicks and impressions.


The campaign design and implementation were completed in close collaboration between Rocket and UNDA.

Creative Collaboration: 

  • UNDA and Rocket Agency worked hand-in-hand to develop a visually appealing and impactful digital campaign. 
  • UNDA provided essential design elements, which Rocket Agency then expertly adapted for various digital placements. 
  • This collaboration ensured a seamless blend of UNDA's brand identity with the innovative advertising strategies of Rocket Agency.

Paid Social and Google Ads Strategy:

  • Geographically-Focused Campaign Structure: Recognising the importance of local appeal vs international appeal, the campaign structure was meticulously designed based on geographical data. This approach allowed for more efficient budget allocation and performance management.
  • Google Ads Campaign Structure: The structure of the Google Ads campaigns was meticulously crafted to cater to different audience segments. This included:
    • Brand Campaigns: Focused on capturing searches specifically related to UNDA, ensuring brand visibility at crucial touchpoints.
    • Generic Campaigns: Aimed at broader search terms to attract potential students at the beginning of their decision-making process.
    • Program-Specific Campaigns: Targeted campaigns for individual programs like the Doctor of Medicine, ensuring visibility among prospects with specific academic interests.
  • Paid Social Campaign Structure:
    • Audience Selection: A comprehensive approach targeting a range of audiences, including Lookalikes and Custom Interest groups, combined with retargeting strategies.
    • A/B Testing of Creatives and Messages: This methodical approach allowed for data-informed decisions, ensuring that only the most effective and engaging content was pushed forward.

GA4 Implementation for Enhanced Tracking: 

  • Rocket Agency implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for UNDA, providing a more nuanced view of the customer journey.
  • This newer analytics version offers more comprehensive and granular data collection, allowing for a better understanding of user interactions across the website and campaigns. 
  • A custom dashboard leveraged GA4's capabilities in user tracking, event measurement, and cross-platform analysis to gain insights into user behaviour, campaign effectiveness, and conversion pathways. 
  • This implementation was pivotal in enabling more strategic decision-making and fine-tuning of the marketing efforts for maximum impact.



Higher ROAS than target


increase ROAS from Google Ads over 6 months


increase in course applications


Rocket Agency's expertise in digital marketing, combined with UNDA's commitment to quality education, resulted in a successful campaign that not only increased course applications but also enhanced the university's visibility and appeal to prospective students.

Key wins included:

  • A remarkable 14-fold increase in applications through a comprehensive funnel campaign.
  • Over 22% of leads converted to opportunities, showcasing the campaign's efficacy.
  • The visibility and tracking of campaign performance significantly improved, offering valuable insights for future strategies.


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