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Why partner with Rocket?

Our partner program has been designed to deliver tangible benefits to a network of like-minded companies. It's based on creating a win-win relationship when it comes to sharing leads, generating revenue, solving problems, sharing knowledge and ensuring that if we can't help a client or a prospect, that we can introduce them to someone who can.

We're pretty fussy about who we'll work with and what we'll do. As a result, many of the leads we generate aren't right for us. Our partner program was born out of a need to be able to refer these prospects on to people we could trust. In turn these partners starting referring work back to us. The result was a win-win for everyone involved.

What are the benefits of the Rocket Partner Program?

Here's what you can expect if you join the Rocket partner program:

If we receive leads which we think would be right for your business we'll send them your way with a warm and informed introduction.

We'll help grow your business by co-pitching with you. You'll be able to use our credibility, expertise and track-record to close more business.

If you send us a lead, we'll treat it with respect and only suggest work we believe will be genuinely valuable. We also share a portion of the revenue we receive with you.

Digital marketing is complex, don’t make things hard for yourself by trying to do it all. Partner with Rocket and we’ll make your life easier and more profitable

In short, our partners enjoy new revenue streams, receive warm leads, close more business and project a broader
and calmer level of expertise when it comes to digital marketing.

Who is Rocket?

We're a digital marketing agency with a best-of-breed team of 40+ experts. We do most of our work with small and medium sized Australian businesses (5 - 200 employees). We focus on digital strategy, Google Ads, SEO, paid social ads and email marketing. We've won plenty of awards and regularly appear in the media speaking on a range of topics. In short, we're a trusted and reliable agency with a track record of delivering great results in an industry where such things cannot always be taken for granted.


What sorts of companies join the Partner Program?

Our perfect partners are those companies who have deep and trusted relationships with their clients.
Typically, they are in the following industries:

  • Branding agencies
  • PR companies
  • Other marketing firms
  • Sole practitioners
  • Web agencies
  • Content creators
  • Video production companies
  • Business advisers
  • Design firms
  • Consultants
  • IT companies
  • Technology platforms

A selection of companies we've proudly partnered with

growth tap
bjm digital

What our partners say

“Having been partnered with Rocket for the past year and a half, we have built a portfolio of quality clients from the leads they have referred. The team are genuinely committed to providing the best possible outcome for partners, customers and leads in a way that grows “the pie” for all involved. You won’t be disappointed if you ever get the chance to partner with Rocket, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Jasha Andrews

Jasha Andrews

Growth Tap
growth tap

“We love working with Rocket. They’re a fantastic team who bring insights, smarts, and results to any campaign. We greatly enjoy collaborating with them for great client outcomes.”

Robyn Sefiani

Robyn Sefiani, CEO


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