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Case Studies

Delivering excellent marketing results for Australian businesses

Case Studies

Rocket Agency has solved digital marketing challenges for hundreds of Australian businesses and run thousands of successful campaigns across SEO, Google Ads and Social Media to deliver tangible business results. Our case studies reflect our digital marketing expertise across industries and channels.


Increase in Branded Search


Increase in Sales Qualified Leads


Impressions from Target Market
Pooled Energy

In the years leading up to engaging Rocket, Pooled Energy had struggled to cut-through using digital marketing. Rocket came onboard to help raise awareness and educate pool owners about Pooled Energy’s world-leading technology and state-of-art automation system. Wearing the creative hat, Rocket proposed an video-led strategy addressing the buyer persona's pain points that was then launched on Facebook and YouTube. Safe to say, Pooled Energy experienced a fantastic uplift in marketing results and have renewed their faith in digital marketing.


increase in new users from paid sources


increase in qualified leads


increase in CVR from paid channels

Rezdy was looking for aggressive business growth fuelled by smart digital marketing for their global SaaS product aimed at tour and activity operators. They engaged with Rocket to take complete accountability of their digital marketing strategy, messaging, asset selection and budget allocation. With a carefully planned out campaign with impressive creative, channel selection, budget allocation, tracking and nurturing, Rocket was able to blow the results out of the park for Rezdy. This is their success story!


increase in conversions in 90 days


decrease in CPC in 90 days


decrease in CPA in 90 days

Global cybersecurity SaaS company, Upguard was unhappy with their previous Paid Search Agency. They engaged with Rocket to manage their Google Ads campaigns end-to-end, improve performance in 90 days while scaling up the campaign with increased budget. Despite their broad target market and aggressive growth targets, our digital marketing specialists took on the challenge and smashed it out of the park. A five-fold dat-driven strategy backed by careful optimisation and collaboration with Upguard on offline sales metrics. Rocket was able to deliver award-worthy campaign results. This is Upguard's Google Ads success story!


Impressions from Social Media Ads


CPC from Social Media Ads


Increase in Conversion Rate YOY

Wincrest are custom home-builders based in Sydney with an impressive track record of building on sloping blocks. With limited success from digital campaigns, they turned to Rocket to completely transform their digital marketing presence. Rocket worked with their team to launch an end-to-end integrated marketing ecosystem. With a brand new website, strong customer testimonial video assets, compelling prospecting campaigns launched on Facebook, Pinterest and Google Display, bottom of funnel campaigns on Google Search, SEO and content strategy deployment, lead nurturing via automation and the implementation of a robust CRM system, HubSpot - no stone was left unturned to deliver exceptional visibility and marketing results for Wincrest!


increase in conversion rate MoM


ROAS over 12 months


lead to customer win rate
LIV Mirvac

This is possibly Australia's most-awarded digital marketing campaign in 2020-2021! Mirvac's LIV Indigo is a brand new property concept and category in Australia based on the build-to-rent model. Rocket Agency, together with branding agency Chello were challenged to bring this concept to life with an integrated marketing campaign, aimed to drive brand awareness and leases – all this during a global pandemic and rental downturn. Rocket suggested a digital-first strategy to the launch, going against the traditional approach to property marketing. Launching, scaling, and optimising the campaign across 6+ channels and using 100s of creatives, Rocket was able to smash targets set by LIV to deliver amazing awareness and quality leads that converted to paying customers.


lower CPA than target


lead to customer win rate


ad impressions

A non-bank home loan specialist, Bluestone was keen to establish its online presence in the Australian market. However, their target market had little awareness about their direct-to-consumer lending services. This coupled with an increase in competition pushed the business to invest in digital marketing, Rocket collaborated with their team to develop campaign messaging, creatives and structure using Paid Social Ads, Google Display Ads and YouTube Ads. The campaign was a resounding success, generating high-quality leads at 43% lower Cost per Acquisition than the target, driving a high ROAS with a 75% lead to loan conversion rate.


YoY Increase in Organic Conversions


Greater Keyword Visibility vs. Top Competitor


Search Rank for 'Gym Sydney'
Plus Fitness

With 200+ gym locations and a broad target market, approaching digital marketing on a national level was a massive challenge for Plus Fitness. After careful consideration, they selected Rocket to be their strategic marketing partner. Rocket advised on the best channels, approach and media spend to increase brand awareness and membership sign ups. Leveraging SEO and platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify, Rocket now launches all digital campaigns for Plus Fitness throughout the year. The results from the campaigns have been fantastic year-on-year, placing Plus Fitness leaps ahead of their competition on the digital front.


ROI on Google Ads


Increase in Web Traffic


File Opens from Digital Marketing
Atkinson Vinden Lawyers

From spending nothing on digital marketing to spending thousands on digital marketing, AV Lawyers is an exemplary traditional business that has successfully stayed competitive in the legal industry. As their market share dwindled, AV Lawyers turned to Rocket Agency to embark on a digital journey. Their strategy included SEO and Google Ads as their two key channels, with a view to increase file openings. Today, 90%+ their business is a result of investing directly in these channels. While they recieve a steady flow of organic leads, AV Lawyers are able to be agile with the services they promote and dollars they spend on Google Ads campaigns. Digital Marketing delivers the highest ROI for this local Sydney business.


Increase in Revenue in 19 Days


Increase in Total Website Revenue


Increase in Search Campaign CTR
Luna Park

Luna Park Sydney needed a boost in online ticket sales for thier Winterfest Campaign. Previously successful traditional marketing tactics coupled with greater competition on Google Ads pushed them to partner with Rocket as their Google Ads agency. Through a through discovery process, careful ads optimisation and impeccable speed to delivery, Rocket was able to enable Luna Park achieve record ticket sales via Google Ads, smash overall revenue targets, all with amazing creative that maintained the brand and resonated with their audience.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Revenue from Google


Increase in Organic Conversions
Jamesons Strata Management

Jamesons Strata Management are a leading strata services provider in Sydney. Since engaging with Rocket in the early stages of their digital marketing journey, Jamesons has been able to leverage a consistent SEO strategy to transform their lead generation. They have experienced phenomenal business growth, expanding to nine office locations, driven up the number of requests for proposals for their services and smashed brand awareness and revenue targets. This is the SEO success story of a local Australian family-run business.


Increase in ROI


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in CPC

4Cabling is an e-commerce business, Australia's leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cabling, server racks and IT management accessories. After 13 years of consistent results from Google Ads, with an increase in competition in the market, their campaigns were returning diminishing returns. They partnered with Rocket to rehaul their digital strategy, optimise their Google Ads account and deliver better marketing results. Within four months of the engagement, Rocket delivered stability and improved performance in 4Cablings most important revenue generation channel – Google Ads. This took a significant weight of marketing’s shoulders and allowed them to tackle new challenges and opportunities in the business.


ROI on Instagram Ads


Decrease in Cost per Purchase


Impressions within 45 Days
Meriton Suites

Meriton Suites partnered with Rocket to own their digital strategy end-to-end. As a part of this engagement, Rocket introduced Instagram Story campaigns with a view to increase the number of bookings of their hotel apartments across the Eastern Australian seaboard. Using exisitng marketing assets, Rocket launched a campaign that delivered thousands of bookings. Within 45 days, Meriton experienced a 3800% Return on Ad Spend, a resounding success story.

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