Generating a 37.92x ROI in 45 Days for Meriton with Instagram


About Meriton

Meriton is the largest Australian owner-operator of hotel apartnements in Australia. They offer more than 5000 suites at 19+ locations across Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Their man goal is to drive up bookings for their world-class rentals using digital marketing.


As Meriton's strategic marketing partner, Rocket managed thier end-to-end digital marketing campaigns, as well as strategy, design and development of their website. In 2019, Meriton Suites were looking to develop new digital channels which could deliver an immediate ROI. The goal was to build on the existing success we were achieving in Google Ads, Facebook, Email Marketing and SEO.


We launched a pilot using ads in Instagram Stories. Noted for their low cost and high engagement at the time, ads in Instagram Stories seamlessly transitioned between personal stories from friends and family ensuring maximum focus. Using existing assets, we created video specifically designed for Instagram Stories and built a custom lookalike audience from our existing database.



ROI on Instagram Ads


Decrease in Cost per Purchase


Impressions within 45 Days


The results were incredible with the pilot producing a hotel bookings leading to a 3800% return on investment within the first 45 days. The cost per purchase went down by 55% with this new channel being activated. The ads garnered 312,000 impressions in the first 5 weeks, a resounding success. The campaign continued to scale successfully, with additional Instagram Story campaigns launched as a result.

Campaign Creative

Meriton Suites worked with Rocket to launch hundreds of campaigns via email and paid social channels. Here are some examples of creative and copy for Facebook campaigns. 

Looking Fly Ad
Summer Sale Ad
Zoo Ad
Carousel Ad

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Increase in Revenue in 19 Days


Increase in Total Website Revenue


Increase in Search Campaign CTR
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