How Wincrest Transformed their Digital Presence in the Custom Homes Market

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About Wincrest

Wincrest Bespoke is a builder of custom-designed homes in Sydney, specialising in sloping and narrow block designs. These homes aren’t just personalised from an existing plan – they’re completely bespoke from the ground up. Unfortunately, Wincrest Bespoke had little idea of how buyers were finding and choosing their services online. Previous strategies had proved inconsistent, and due to the premium nature of custom homes the buyer journey was often complex.


Wincrest Bespoke engaged Rocket at a time when the property market was becoming tougher and sales were harder to come by.  Wincrest Bespoke’s key objectives were to:

  • Connect digital activity to new sales to provide insights into customer decisions
  • Work on greater consistency and synergy across marketing channels
  • Implement strategies for lead nurturing to reach buyers who were higher up the funnel, or not yet ready to buy.


Wincrest Bespoke’s target audience primarily includes owner-occupiers, with a female skew, who are searching for more than a project home builder when building their second or third home. They may already own a narrow or sloping block in Sydney or be planning a knockdown rebuild and looking for expertise in these areas.

The challenge was to differentiate the tailor-made benefits, experience and value of Wincrest Bespoke in a crowded market of both other custom builders and project builders. If someone had 15 tabs open exploring Sydney custom home builders, Wincrest Bespoke had to stand out!

We developed an integrated strategy to reach prospects at every stage of their journey, encompassing:

  • A polished website refresh
    This included a persona and messaging review along with a complete rebuild of the services pages using Storybrand

  • Robust SEO and content
    A custom implementation strategy initially focussing on on-site and off-site techniques to maximise ranking with limited resources.

  • Google Search and Display
    Overhauled the existing account structure and refined the campaign to optimise towards a lower CPL. We also introduced HTML remarketing banners
  • Paid Social
    We launched dynamic ads on Facebook with sophisticated creative and targetting

  • Email marketing
    Rocket supported the lead generation strategy with lead nurturing using email marketing to generate enquiries from those in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey.

  • New branded video assets
    We launched paid media campaigns with new branded videos that included client testimonials

  • An improved CRM system to nurture leads
    Using HubSpot, Rocket enabled a better and efficient lead management process, consistency in sales operations and provided transparency to senior managers on the sales pipeline.



Impressions from Social Media Ads


CPC from Social Media Ads


Increase in Conversion Rate YOY


Wincrest Bespoke has seen drastic improvement in each of their key objectives since engaging Rocket Agency:

  • It’s now easy to trace digital activity across the buyer journey, from paid search and organic referrals, to web traffic and conversions.
  • Marketing channels are working together for a cohesive experience, leading to improved conversions with a lower CPC.
  • The team has quality CRM, email marketing and content resources to effectively nurture their leads and customer relationships.

Along with a clear uplift in website traffic, Wincrest experienced a remarkable increase in conversion rate (up by 30% YoY) with quality leads filling their Contact Us form at less than $100 CPA throughout the campaign.

Our Award Wins

  • Winner ‘Best Use of Search - Real Estate and Property' APAC Search Awards 2021
  • Finalist 'Best Integrated Campaign' Semrush Awards 2020
  • Finalist 'Best Online Marketing Campaign - Real Estate' Semrush Awards 2020
  • Finalist ‘Best Use of Search - Real Estate and Property' APAC Search Awards 2020
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“Rocket are more than a digital marketing agency. They are a business minded marketing machine that deliver on what they say they will. Wincrest Bespoke knew that they had to immerse themselves into digital. Previously a lack of strategy and inconsistent results held them back. There was no ability to connect digital activity to new sales due to a complex buyer journey. We took the leap of faith to fully outsource our entire digital marketing to Rocket. In just six short months (even through COVID) the results have been amazing!

We have a clear digital strategy with goals and accountability. We have complete visibility into campaign effectiveness and ROI. We have a revamped Brand Story, messaging framework and new website design. We have a CRM being used by our sales team; marketing automation nurturing prospective clients; and industry leading Google and social ads performance. The team at Rocket are plain talkers who know what they are doing. I cannot recommend them more highly."

Jordie Caruana
Marketing Manager, Wincrest


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