Your First Six Months as a Rocket Client

Launch Your Digital Marketing
Success Story.

At Rocket, we structure our campaigns for clients around several touchpoints. They are all valuable opportunities for collaboration and feedback.

In the first few weeks as a Rocket client, our Account Managers, Channel Specialists and Designers take extra care to understand your business and develop a comprehensive Channel Strategy. We ensure that you’re always kept in the loop and have complete transparency on the work that is happening ‘behind-the-scenes’ to enable a successful campaign launch.

Once your campaigns are in-market, our Client Services team update you regularly on progress and performance while our channel specialists optimise your campaign. Senior strategists step in every quarter to help identify opportunities to improve performance and when necessary, pivot the marketing strategy.

At Rocket, we always appreciate a chance to ‘Be Better’; it’s one of our core values. Throughout your partnership with us, we welcome your feedback; be it via our formal surveys, within meetings, via email or in ad-hoc catch-ups with our team.

Month One

Team Allocation
Team Allocation

We’ll identify the best Account Manager and Senior Marketing Strategist to lead your account, who you will have direct contact with via phone, email, video calls and meetings. We also allocate specific channel specialists, designers, developers and tracking experts for your campaign.

Kick-off Docs + Prep

Your Account Manager prepares
documentation and sets the agenda for your Kick-off meeting.

Kick-off Meeting

Formally meet the team that will bring your digital campaigns to life. Ensure that both parties are on the same page. Mutually agree on success benchmarks. Review roles and responsibilities and define next steps.

Provide Access and
Marketing Assets

Grant the Rocket team access to your ads accounts, website back-end, CRM and marketing assets such as your brand guidelines, images, PDFs and the like, as required.

Kick-off Meeting
Channel Audit and Competitor Analysis
Tracking Audit and Dashboard Set Up
Channel Audit and
Competitor Analysis

Our digital marketing specialists will jump on the back end of your ads platforms to identify quick-wins and map out a plan in line with the agreed outcomes. They develop ad concepts, sample creatives and ad copy.

Tracking Audit and
Dashboard Setup

Our Tracking and Reporting specialists ensure that your website is being tracked appropriately on Google Analytics and the correct goals are set up for campaign optimisation. They also set up tracking for Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and the like. They build a custom dashboard to deep-dive into your web analytics and marketing performance.

Channel Strategy

Depending on your channel, Rocket will be working on a series of deliverables in your first 4-6 weeks to ensure we go live with the best strategy possible.

Campaign Timeline

Your Account Manager and Senior Strategist ensure collaboration and focus on outcomes among the broader team to produce a 6-month campaign timeline.


We launch new and revised campaigns into the market based on your feedback and approval.

6 Month Cycle

Monthly Reporting

This occurs in the first week of every month and includes a walkthrough of campaign reporting. You will also receive a link to Google Data Studio dashboard which will allow you to view your data in real time.


A weekly/fortnightly pulse check-in with your Account Manager, set in your calendar from the get-go to ensure smooth implementation of your digital marketing campaign


Don’t hold back when you receive our client
feedback surveys. We want to know what you think!

Performance Review

A performance review will be undertaken internally. We will review top level performance, identify any new campaign/channel opportunities and enable two-way feedback with you.

Campaign Plan Update

Our campaign plans are reviewed every 6 months to ensure the scope of work, and the order in which it is completed reflects the best strategy to reach your goals.


We’d love to catch up for a coffee or a meal
and celebrate wins or discuss what’s next.