Multi-Channel eCommerce Campaign Boosts Attaquer’s YoY Revenue by 25%

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About Attaquer

Attaquer, a Sydney-based sports apparel brand, has achieved remarkable recognition in the global cycling community. Uniting cutting-edge fashion with unparalleled technical prowess, Attaquer redefines cycling wear, allowing riders to express their individuality on the road.


Attaquer's success brought challenges - heightened competition and a need to maintain brand integrity while maximising eCommerce sales. The partnered with Rocket Agency to lift up their performance marketing results from SEO, Paid Social and Google Ads. 

The biggest challenge was to maintain a balance among the channels to ensure sustainable ecommerce results.


Rocket’s digital marketing strategy's foundation was cross-channel synergy, integrating SEO, Google Ads, and Paid Social campaigns. Through analysis and deep audits, Rocket recognised that success depended on combining various tactics to achieve exceptional outcomes. There was no silver bullet to increased sales. 

Google Ads:
We launched ads across Display, Shopping and Search networks. 

  • Location-based campaigns: The global audience was split in four key regions - ANZ, Asia, EU and NA) to optimise budget allocation, tailor messaging and measure performance effectively. 
  • Meticulous Google Shopping Campaigns: The Merchant Centre feed was carefully optimised with images, copy and descriptions for hundreds of products across the Attaquer range.
  • Harnessing Automation: Leveraging Performance Max for Google Shopping Campaigns, we witnessed unparalleled ROAS and CVR, aligning with the algorithm's demands.
  • Strategic Budgeting: Careful budget allocation for Brand campaigns preserved high ad ranks amidst growing competition.
  • Fine-tuned Bid Strategies: Rocket’s paid specialists regularly conducted experiments with bid strategies to find the right spending pattern to maximise results. 

Paid Social:
Rocket’s Paid Social team demonstrated excellence in reach and targeting in this campaign. Among other tactics, the highlights were:

  • Tighter Targeting: Focused on users within 15 days of website visits, capitalising on the shopping mindset and pre-purchase phase.
  • Dynamic Product Ads: We overlayed Dynamic Product Ads with key interests and broad targeting to secure diverse audience engagement.
  • Attribution Revelation: Google Analytics data unveiled Paid Social's pivotal role in the consideration stage, driving 12% of direct revenue and even greater influenced revenue.


All efforts were made to drive visibility and accessibility of Attaquer products.

  • Technical SEO Mastery: Audits and regular site health checks rectified accessibility and visibility issues, enhancing search engine visibility.
  • Prompt Schema Markup:  Our team audited and implemented various schema markup for improved search engine rankings.
  • Strategic Content Development: Keyword research, mapping, and a robust content plan revitalised Attaquer's web presence, improving organic keyword rankings.
  • Local and Offsite Optimisation: GMB optimisation and comprehensive link building boosted local and offsite SEO efforts.



YoY eCommerce revenue growth


YoY increase in ROAS from Paid Media


YoY increase in Organic Search revenue


Attaquer's journey with Rocket Agency underscores the benefits of running performance marketing with diverse digital marketing tactics for ecommerce businesses. 

  • Soaring Revenue: 25% YoY eCommerce revenue growth proved the impact of the multi-channel campaigns
  • ROI on Media Spend: 151% YoY increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from Paid Media within 5 months of engaging with Rocket
  • Organic Revenue Surge: A remarkable 23% YoY increase in Organic Search revenue showcased the long-term strength of our SEO


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