How Pooled Energy Used Video to Raise Awareness and Consideration

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About Pooled Energy

Pooled Energy has developed a state-of-the-art pool automation system that helps to reduce pool energy consumption by as much as 60%. The technology also reduces the number and amount of pool chemicals required to effectively run a pool. In the years leading up to working with Rocket, Pooled Energy had struggled to get cut-through with digital marketing, despite having spent aggressively on Paid Social and Paid Search to generate demand.


The main challenge with marketing Pooled Energy was that the product is so unique that pool owners were completely unaware about its existence. Rocket was tasked to find and educate pool owners about their world-leading technology throgugh digital marketing channels.


Rocket proposed an aggressive YouTube awareness campaign named “Chemical Soup”, which captured a family Dad as the hero going through the challenges of preparing a swimming pool for summer. The campaign included the main “Chemical Soup” video, six short non-skippable placements, and two bumper ads.

From concept development, throught to scripting, storyboarding and production, Rocket ensured that the content was specifically designed to drive results on YouTube. Each placement played an integral role in evolving the story to convey key benefits of Pooled Energy’s offering.

The campaign used Google’s rich audience targeting capabilities to surgically identify pool owners located in Pooled Energy’s service areas. The creative concept needed to position Pooled Energy as the choice for pool owners providing a solution that hit on three pillars; saves pool energy, chemicals, and time.



Increase in Branded Search


Increase in Sales Qualified Leads


Impressions from Target Market


Rocket used YouTube Ads to successful place Pooled Energy front of mind of their niche target audience leading into Summer, smashing our goals of generating strong awareness and consideration of their offering.

The campaign alone received 1.7 million impressions from those who were an ideal fit for Pooled Energy, and generated a 133% increase in branded search.

There were more qualified prospects entering Pooled Energy’s marketing funnel with a huge 50% improvement in lead quality.

51% of users watched the full 6 video sequence maintaining view-rate throughout. The campaign also resulted in a 31% increase in new users to the Pooled Energy website as a direct result of our top-of-funnel marketing.

"My experience with digital agencies has not always been great, however I find that you guys are transparent, accommodating, professional and have made a difference in lead generation for Pooled Energy – especially when you are backed properly with budget. I would definitely be recommending you to my work network and most certainly using your services again should I change companies."

Marina Elyeh
Head of Marketing, Pooled Energy


Rocket developed the video and static ads to bring the "Chemical Soup" campaign to life. This included the entire process from concept development, storyboarding, scripting, production and post-production.

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