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There’s a lot to love about working at Rocket. You get the social atmosphere and energy of a busy digital agency, with the experience and awesome clients of a well-established brand. Our team includes data analysts, designers, developers, marketing specialists, account managers and more. We work hard, we know our stuff, and we genuinely love doing what we do. We really believe Rocket is a great place to work.

In 2021, off the back of a bumper awards season, Rocket has grown faster than ever. We've recently recruited for several roles to take the right seats at our Sydney digital marketing agency. If you're keen to work with our stellar team, email your CV and cover letter to We'll contact you if a relevant role opens up. 

Here are the roles we're recruiting for right now:

Digital Account Manager

Client Services Team
Location: Sydney

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Account Coordinator (Graduate level)

Client Services Team
Location: Sydney

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Digital Account Manager

Client Services Team
Location: Sydney

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Account Coordinator (Graduate level)

Client Services Team
Location: Sydney

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Inbound Marketing

At Rocket we can help you create the kind of compelling content that gets attention, engagement and drives growth.

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Our company values

No Jerks

We value fairness, respect and honesty. This applies to not only our staff but our clients too. Being clear and kind to each other gets better results, plus everyone enjoys themselves on the way.

Be Better

Nothing changes as fast as the digital landscape, and this provides the perfect environment to keep adapting and improving. Our ongoing aim is to be even better in 12 months' time.

Take Ownership

There’s no place for shirkers with Rocket. The people we love to work with are the self-starters: those who take ownership of their work, look for ways to help their colleagues and proactively deliver value to their clients and Rocket.

Do What's Right

What's right isn't the same as what's easy. Speak up and be direct, honest and brave. Our job is not to blindly say 'yes' or to stay quiet when we don't agree. Our job is to say and do what's right.

Working with Rocket FAQs

Where is Rocket based? What's the 2021 situation re: working from home?

Rocket’s home is in a three-level converted terrace, a quick three minute walk from Central Station in the creative heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. That means lots of us walk and ride to work, plus you get to make the most of the surrounding cafés, classic pubs, and fancy pants restaurants.

We've always believed that the best work is done by a team working full-time in the office together - but obviously - this all changed last year. At the moment in early 2021, staff are required to be in the office on Mondays and Thursdays, and can choose to work wherever they like on the other three days. This setup will continue to be discussed reguarly. The office is always open and available to all staff members.

Are there opportunities for up-skilling, attending events and ongoing training?

We like everyone in our team to level up in the skills department, giving you time to complete certifications and train in your areas of interest. Supporting your career development really does benefit the team as a whole.

We'll also regularly attend events by digital giants like Google, Microsoft, and HubSpot. Keeping on top of an ever-evolving industry means we get to hear all of the neat stuff first and stay seriously useful to our clients.

What's the management style like at Rocket?

We like to give praises (and raises) where they’re due. Great ideas are recognised, and feedback is used to make Rocket even better than it already is rather than filed away in a drawer. Your voice is respected, heard and valued, no matter your role in the team. We have weekly team meetings and all-staff sessions, and you'll get plenty of one-on-one time with your direct manager and senior team members.

You won’t find any office overlords at Rocket. We connect with everyone at the same level regardless of title or experience. Our office is open plan, encouraging collaboration and an easy flow of ideas.

Can I bring my dog/cat/parrot/iguana to work?

It’s a scientific fact that dogs in the office improve health, happiness and (a bit surprisingly) productivity. At Rocket, we don’t dare argue with science or the rejuvenating power of pooches. We’ll welcome your fur baby with open arms, lots of cuddles and selfies all around. Sorry, no iguanas or parrots at this point - but we can maybe talk about cats.

Do I have to bring my own computer? What equipment is provided?

We supply all team members with a personal laptop, as well as all the tech and equipment to have a full workstation both at home and the office. No hot desks for us! (Not yet, anyway.)

Hemingway, Dickens and Da Vinci were apparently all fans of the standing desk, so it stands to reason that using one will make you a certified genius at whatever you’re working on. We provide all the desks at all the levels so you can work in whatever way takes your particular fancy.

We also have breezy balconies and comfy meeting rooms for those times when you just need to get away from your desk altogether. On top of that, we keep the kitchen fully stocked with all kinds of healthy and unhealthy snacks and beverages.

What's with the 'No Jerks' thing?

Seriously. If you’re a jerk, Rocket isn’t the place for you. This is one of our core values, so you won’t need to worry about being isolated, picked on or endure embarrassing induction rituals. At Rocket, we genuinely like each other. This leads to long lunches, regular nights out, and the occasional post-work board game and beer session. Catan, anyone?

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