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Partner with Rocket - a PPC services agency that delivers award-winning ad campaigns!

Whether it's generating high-quality leads, increasing sales or maximising brand awareness, Rocket's team of dedicated PPC experts have got you covered. Our PPC specialists are experienced in running online marketing campaigns via Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) using Search ads, Display ads, Shopping ads and YouTube ads, as well as social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify and TikTok, along with niche channels like Capterra. 

We stay on top of industry trends, develop compelling copy and creatives, meticulously optimise campaigns and carefully analyse PPC ad performance for our clients. Ultimately, we help you maximise marketing results from your PPC campaigns. 

We work with businesses just like you!

From SMEs launching a new product, to established enterprises looking to increase market share, we’ve helped achieve it all.

We’re trusted by Australian companies across industries including retail, finance, IT, government, technology, real estate, aged care, hospitality and more.
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Our PPC Services

Pay Per Click spans a range of online channels, each of which requires specialised technical and creative skills. Our highly experienced PPC specialists will take the day-to-day pressure off you so you can focus on key metrics, be it lead generation or eCommerce revenue.

Search Ads

Target your most valuable customers with the right message at the right time via search results and local map listing with paid search ads. Whether it’s Google Search or Bing Ads, our proactive PPC team will ensure you generate leads and sales cost-effectively.

Display Ads

Promote your products and services with compelling web display banners, designed specifically to increase brand awareness and drive quality website traffic. Rocket’s Paid Media team will roll out low cost per click ad campaigns that inspire action.

Shopping Ads

Beat your eCommerce sales targets with informative and visual Google Shopping ad campaigns that put your products in front of your perfect sales-ready audience. Our PPC specialists will enable you to deliver a fantastic return on ad spend.

YouTube Ads

With over 16.5M active users in Australia, YouTube is the ideal platform for businesses to reach new audiences. Turn YouTube viewers into customers using targeted, irresistible video ads with the help of Rocket as your YouTube advertising agency.

Paid Social Ads

Go beyond Paid Search with sharpshooting social media ads via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest or Spotify. Target highly relevant audiences and drive clicks to your landing pages using our PPC services in Australia.

Capterra Ads

Gain maximum exposure for your SaaS product with our PPC services in Australia through Capterra’s PPC advertising program. Fill your software sales pipeline faster with qualified prospects using Rocket’s award-winning ad management services.

Rocket partners with the best

Rocket is a Google Premier Partner, a title awarded to only 3% of all agencies in Australia. We were Australia's first Bing Select Partner, pioneering advertising on this platform. We continue to be a Facebook Business Partner and have recently been recognised as a HubSpot Platinum Partner for the work we do in marketing automation. 
Facebook Business Partner
Microsoft Ads Partner

Why choose Rocket as your PPC Services Agency?

We’re a digital marketing agency of 50+ specialists with a proven record of delivering a high-ROI ads management service.

Full Transparency and Accountability

With Rocket as your PPC company in Australia, you can rest assured that 100% of your ad budget is directed to the ad platform. No opaque media mark-ups. No vague commissions. Every $ is reported on, so you have complete visibility on campaigns managed by our team.

Experience Thorough PPC Excellence

We’ve run thousands of high ROI PPC ad campaigns for hundreds of Australian businesses across a wide range of industries, as well as winning multiple digital marketing awards for our work. Whether your end goal is sales, lead generation or awareness, our dedicated team has hands-on experience maximising returns from ad budgets.

Take Advantage of Industry-Leading Tools and Talents

Our dedicated Paid Media team work on your marketing strategy, competitor analysis, campaign development, optimisation and analysis using the best tools and resources available in the market, so you don’t have to spend on your own subscriptions.

Campaign Strategy Aligned with Business Goals

Rocket doesn’t hide behind vanity metrics. As your strategic marketing partner, we ensure that our PPC services are aligned with your key business objectives. We take the time to understand your business model and buyer journey before launching campaigns.

Let's talk

PPC ads that increase leads and customers

Target your perfect audiences
Drive clicks with brilliant creative and messaging
Maximise conversions with leads and sales
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Rocket’s data-driven PPC strategies are designed to make the most out of your media budget. Our proficient Paid Media team live and breathe PPC every day - they understand the buyer’s journey and take the time to appreciate your ultimate business goals. 

A myriad of targeting options are available across platforms that go beyond age, gender and location. Our PPC specialists know precisely which parameters to consider while building audiences for your specific PPC ad campaigns. Our team constantly practices and upskills in this area so none of your marketing dollars are wasted on the wrong market. 

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At Rocket, we’re marketers first, technical specialists second. As a digital marketing agency, we appreciate that persuasive copy and impeccable design are the foundation for driving results from performance marketing. Our PPC specialists collaborate with our copywriters, designers and senior marketing strategists to develop and launch ad campaigns that captivate your target audience’s attention, and persuade them to click through to your website. 

Our ad management team work tirelessly to optimise campaigns by getting rid of non-performing keywords, improving your ad quality score and tweaking budget allocations. Our full-scale PPC strategy extends beyond ads to improving your CRO with landing page optimisations and closing the loop with ongoing tracking and comprehensive reporting.

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At Rocket, we understand that your PPC Agency ultimately needs to deliver positive ROI and provide results that feed into your business goals. That’s why we take extra care to discuss and agree on our KPIs as your digital marketing partner - be it increasing website traffic, driving qualified sales leads or growing eCommerce sales revenue.

By working across different PPC platforms, our team determines the most cost-effective approach to budget allocation and channel mix, so you get the best ROAS (return on ad spend). Our experience over the years across industries means we’re across trends, we know which pitfalls to watch out for and you’re confident about maximising marketing results from your PPC investment.

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Increase online revenue with an SEO strategy focused on specific products in your ecommerce store.

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Let’s Talk

Speak to one of our Senior Consultants to clarify your marketing objectives from your PPC agency.


Launch PPC Campaign

Our PPC experts will develop a bespoke PPC strategy and work with designers and copywriters to launch your ad campaigns in-market.


Drive Leads and Sales

Watch your return on investment grow as our team minimises your cost per click and maximises conversions from your PPC ads.

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Visit Our Office

Rocket’s home is a quick three minute walk from Central Station in the creative heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. Our team would love to meet you and grab a cuppa at one of our vibrant local cafes… or a cheeky cold one if it’s the weekend ;)

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What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click (or PPC) is an online advertising model that drives traffic to a website. When an ad is clicked upon, the advertiser will pay a specific fee to the platform’s publisher. This means the amount of money an advertiser will spend on a PPC advertisement will depend on the amount of clicks it gets.

PPC ads can be found in most corners of the web, including search engine result pages, YouTube videos, web pages, social media, and mobile or desktop apps. In the same way it can exist in countless online spaces, PPC also takes numerous forms: a graphic playing before a compilation of cat videos on YouTube, a snazzy banner above a web page dedicated to cake recipes, or a box of text in a Google search engine results page.

Chances are, if you go online, you’re going to be exposed to PPC ads. PPC advertising is an extremely popular form of digital marketing for this very reason. It is considered one of the most effective components of a digital strategy in Sydney and across the world, with most online businesses already involved in some form of PPC advertising.

Is PPC right for my business?

As with most areas of digital marketing: the answer really depends on your business.

If your business has the time and resources to invest in high-quality, data-driven PPC then the answer is a definite yes. 

PPC ads are typically considered to be worthwhile as the cost of the ‘click’ will ideally be considerably less than the profit generated from the click’s sales. Of course, this outlook assumes that every click will convert into a sale, which is often not the case. However, one thing is for certain: the more targeted a campaign is, the more likely a click will convert into a sale or a lead. 

A research and data-driven approach to PPC can make all the difference in outranking your competitors and securing your business that enviable number 1 placement in a Google search engine results page.

PPC is also a delicate science that must be treated with ongoing care. If you can’t spare the time or resources to support a comprehensive PPC campaign, your business runs a considerable risk of wasting money on irrelevant or under-performing keywords. In this case, it may be a better idea to consider other online marketing methods that aren’t so dependent on consistent monitoring.

How could PPC help my business?

Again, there isn’t a straightforward answer or a one-size-fits-all PPC objective that all businesses should strive towards. Every business will require a different approach to PPC that aligns with their goals and the products or services they provide.

In any case, no other digital marketing method can compare with PPC when generating fast, meaningful results. PPC means a business can, hypothetically, climb to the top of a Google search engine results page almost instantaneously. By catching the eye of your target audience as they browse the internet, your website will attract more traffic. Website traffic is a precursor to meeting your online marketing goals: whether that is growing sales, increasing business visibility or improving quality leads.

What is a good CTR (click-through rate)?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: it depends on your business. 

All industries have different benchmarks of what constitutes a ‘good’ CTR. The average across all industries is around 2% for search ads and approximately 0.4% for display ads. Anything that exceeds these percentages would most likely be considered ‘good’.

However, it’s important to note that a ‘good’ CTR may be higher or lower than these percentages, depending on your industry.

Do I need an expert to run my PPC ad campaigns?

PPC ad campaigns require you to have in-depth knowledge about ad platforms like Google Ads and Bing ads, Google Analytics, landing pages, web design, tracking and more. Mastering these ad management skills is exceptionally time-consuming for in-house marketers that are already juggling competing priorities. This is why working with PPC experts is best.

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