How AV Lawyers Pivoted to SEO and Google Ads for Lead Generation

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Atkinsen Vinden Lawyers have been providing legal services for Australian businesses and individuals for over 40 years. Based in Sydney, much of the lead generation for this leading law firm was through word-of-mouth. While they invested in a website, prior to engaging with Rocket, they had not explored digital marketing. Their main marketing KPI was to increase file openings.


Like most traditiional law firms, AV Lawyers was a late adopter of digital. As their market share dwindled with an increase in competition, they explored how digital could help grow their business. They decided to seriously invest in digital marketing for lead generation and choose Rocket Agency.

While AV Lawyers hired an external provider to build their website, little thought had gone into the content of the website, how it would help their buyer persona, the user experience and the like.

With no historical campaign data to review, Rocket embarked on a 6-month initial engagement and established benchmarks for performance and a plan for optimisation. After the success of this engagement, AV Lawyers enlisted Rocket as their strategic marketing partner and take full control of their digital marketing strategy and execution.


Rocket Agency inherited three websites in relation to AV lawyers with no clarity on where to send paid traffic. We worked with AV Lawyers to identify and define their key buyer personas and undertook a complete re-build of their website.

In terms of Paid media, Rocket launched a range of Search and Display ads to plug the gap in the parts of the business like 'Employment Law' or 'Family Law', that had excess capacity. The cost of traffic was relatively high in the Law industry, we worked towards improving CTR (click through rates) and conversion rates. We also build squeeze pages to support the campaigns. For SEO, Rocket took charge of site migration, content strategy, development and deployment and making on-going technical site optimisations. The specific content hubs on the site paved the way for better segmentation, personalisation and helped increase the quality of enquiries.

Rocket has worked closely with key members of the AV Lawyers team to strengthen internal reporting processes and ensure that leads and lead quality are effectively tracked and accounted for.



ROI on Google Ads


Increase in Web Traffic


File Opens from Digital Marketing


AV Lawyers experienced an incredible increase in the quantity and quality of enquiries pouring into their business since working with Rocket.

They went from spending no money on Google Ads to spending thousands of dollars on the channel. Since first launching their campaigns, Rocket's optimsied strategy resulted in a cost per acquisition (CPA) falling from $477 to $87, an 82% decrease. Through the implementation of retargeting campaigns, there has been an increase in ROI 8x the media spend. A greater feedback loop between Rocket and AV Lawyers allowed for the identification of profitable areas featuring high search value and commercial intent.

While Paid Ads contribute to approximately 10% of their website traffic, the leads from Google Ads account for about 50% file opens in the business. AV Lawyers get 7.2x ROI from Paid Ads!

By implementing best practice SEO, AV lawyers is able to attract quality traffic to their site, without directly paying for leads. SEO now contributes to about 50% of file opens and continues to be a reliable long-term lead generation channel.

Digital marketing is now the largest marketing expense in the firm, delivering the highest ROI.


Digital Marketing Awards

  • Finalist | ‘Best Growing Business Online’, APAC Google Premier Partner Awards 2017
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"Outstanding quality of work, strong client focus, a genuine commitment to achieve exceptional results."

Rod Berry, Managing Partner, AV Lawyers

Campaign Creative

Rocket worked with the AV Lawyers to improve the UX of their website and launch end-to-end digital marketing campaigns right from concept, landing page design, creative development, copywriting to budget management and optimisation.

Anne Goodrick
Rod Berry
Sue Falkner
Tom Howard
Divorce Law
Employment Law

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