How Bluestone Home Loans Increased Market Share with Paid Digital Ads

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About Bluestone

Bluestone is a fast-growing non-bank lender in Australia, specialising in home loans. With nearly 20 years in the market, Bluestone has helped over 51,000 Aussies with home loans that fit a wide range of circumstances. They engaged with Rocket to launch their online presence in a highly competitive B2C market and build an online presence with the ultimate goal of driving lead generation through digital ads.


The increase in competition for Bluestone as a direct-to-consumer lender demanded an uplift in brand awareness. They had clarity on their target market and buyer persona profile, however, their audience had very little awareness of Bluestone. Our challenge was to first introduce the brand as a “trusted” lender and later drive enquiries for home loans with bottom-of-funnel campaigns in a tough market.


Rocket worked with Bluestone’s in-house design team to develop compelling campaign messaging and creative that spoke directly to their three key buyer personas. Based on the target audience’s age and lifestyle habits, Rocket engaged them via Google Display, Google Search, Paid Social (Facebook and Instagram) and YouTube Ads.

The campaign consisted of three stages. All stages encouraged prospects through an online quiz where they would “find their fit” and pre-qualify for a product and rate with Bluestone depending on their financial and employment circumstances.

1. Digital Prospecting
This included a clear and compelling campaign including persona specific videos, GIFs, images and more to outline the concept and generate interest for those who have experienced the pain points of applying and then being declined for a home loan with one of the Big 4 banks. This was launched on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and YouTube.

2. Lead Generation
Encouraging prospects to make contact and commit to a meeting with a Bluestone loan specialist. This included creative across Facebook newsfeeds, carousels, Marketplace and Stories for optimal reach and engagement.

3. Remarketing
Re-engaging website visitors to book a specific time with a loan specialist, with messaging that is personally relevant to each buyer persona.



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We worked alongside their in-house design team to create a true breakthrough online presence and build a brand online in a matter of months.

Rocket helped Bluestone achieve quality leads for a CPA that was 43% cheaper than the target! Approximately 75% of leads went from booking an appointment to successfully getting a loan with Bluestone, delivering an excellent Return on Ad Spend.

The campaign was strong enough to warrant a restructure of Bluestone’s sales team to manage and process the burst of home loan enquiries. Ultimately, our collaborative digital strategies and optimisations have achieved over 7 million ad impressions, introducing Bluestone to over 24,000 new site users. Moreover, these digital campaigns have helped Australians find their dream home.

"Rocket have been integral to growing our business from a B2C perspective. Their commitment to quality and efficiency is obvious, and they are a true partner in our team. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable in digital marketing, keeping ontop of our results and ensuring we are always improving. Thank you Rocket and team for all your work so far!"

Sophie Spanos
Marketing Manager, Bluestone


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