Instant Brand's 50-Day Intensive Cross-Channel Product Launch Campaign

Instant Brands

About Instant Brands

Instant Brands is a global brand manufacturing and homeware products inluding house-hold names like Corelle, Coringware and Instant. Expanding on their successful range of kitchenware that typically included pressure cookers, air fryers and the like, Instant Brands were ready to launch their new home appliance - the Instant Air Purifier. Available in three different sizes that catered to both households and indoor commercial spaces, the Air Purifier was sold mainly via brick-and-motor retailers.


Instant Brands approached Rocket to devise, launch and optimise an intensive brand awareness campaign to promote their new Instant Air Purifier to the Australian market in a short span of time. The main challenge was to generate interest within a broad target market with minimal creative assets and a tight media budget that had to be distributed across multiple channels. The entire campaign was in the lead up to Christmas, which made drawing eyeballs even harder with seasonal competition and the resulting increase in cost of ads.


Rocket's digital marketing specialists took on the challenge and brought the brand awareness campaign to life in a matter of days. We took a five step approach to maxmise the results from this campaign.

  • Optimising creative and copy
    Instant Brands had partnered with creative agency, Chello to develop creative assets for the ad campaign. Rocket's specialists analysed the creative and worked with Chello to improve the ad asset for different ad formats with a view to increase visibility and Click-Through Rates. We paid special attention to the copy, adjusting the tone so it spoke to the local Australian audience.
  • Allocation of budget
    Since the budget was to be distributed among Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Display, YouTube and various ad formats/placements within those channels, Rocket undertook a calculated approach to allocating media budget. We researched audience sizes on different platforms and reviewed past ad engagement rates. Once the campaign was live, we reviewd performance and optimised budget allocation on a week-by-week basis.
  • Defined campaign architecture
    Restricted by the creative assets and media, Rocket decided on the number of campaigns and variations of campaigns to take to market so that we could optimise ads using A/B tests and location targeting.
  • Launched remarketing
    Instant Brands did not have a pre-set audience for remarketing. Once Rocket drove enought traffic to the main landing page for the product, we launched a remarketing campaign via Google Display, Facebook and Instagram to maximise the target audience's engagement and awareness.
  • Reporting
    For the 50-day campaign, we delivered weekly performance reporting to ensure that the campaigns were in line with Instant Brands' business outcomes. We closed off the intensive project with an end-of campaign report and analysis that can be used as a benchmark for future product launches.



impressions from target audience


increase in website traffic vs previous period


above CTR industry average for Facebook


The client considered this brand awareness campaign a raging success! In a matter of days, despite creative and budget constraints, Rocket was able to drive 1.1 million ad impressions to relevant audiences within Instant Brands' target market.

  • The website traffic went up by 73% compared to the previous period proving an increase in interest for the new Air Purifier.
  • 50%+ of the increased traffic was driven by Facebook ads, highlighting the correct choice of channel for this stage of the buyer's journey.
  • Facebook ads saw an average CTR of 4.18% which is 83% better than the average CTRs of Facebook Ads in the 'Home Improvement' category and 61% better than ads in the 'Retail' category. Facebook was a very cost-effective and efficient use of marketing spend for the Air Purifiers campaign to increase awareness and drive traffic to the website.
  • The YouTube campaigns that focussed on the consideration stage of the campaign drove the most conversions at the lowest cost per acquisition.
  • Launching the Display ads was also a brilliant addition to the campaign. Display remarketing ads were also 51.69% cheaper than all other Display ads combined.

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Increase in Branded Search


Increase in Sales Qualified Leads


Impressions from Target Market
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