Tall Emu Exceeds SaaS Lead Target by 86% within 3 months

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Tall Emu

Tall Emu is a CRM service that operates within the B2B SaaS Market. With seamless integration capabilities with MYOB, Xero, and everyday applications, Tall Emu empowers businesses to streamline customer relationships, stock management, order fulfillment, and operations. This Aussie developed and supported SaaS is designed specifically to support logistic and inventory-management based businesses.


Tall Emu partnered with Rocket Agency to overcome a range of challenges that B2B SaaS businesses face when implementing digital marketing. 

Tall Emu was keen to establish a robust digital presence across multiple digital channels including SEO, Google Ads, Paid Social and Gartner. They faced some challenges with data due to tracking errors. This was coupled with the lauch of a new site. 

They had set aggressive growth targets in terms of leads that surpassed historical performance. A lead is a user that requests a demo, starts a free trial or fills in the Contact Us form. Tall Emu challenged Rocket to deliver 30% of their lead pipeline via paid channels by implementing a digital marketing strategy within budget.


Rocket Agency orchestrated a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Tall Emu. Over and above standard ad campaign review, analysis and budget optimisation, key tactics included:

  • Google Ads Restructure: A revamped campaign structure was designed, allowing flexible campaign testing. This encompassed Branded, Generic, and Competitor campaigns, alongside Display ads for heightened top-of-funnel awareness. Rocket paused poor-performing Video and Discovery campaigns.
  • Paid Social Integration: The revival of paid social efforts expanded Tall Emu's reach and influence across digital platforms. Compelling ads were distributed initially via Facebook and then via LinkedIn to a hyper-targeted audience. 
  • Creative Refresh: Rocket’s Creative team introduced fresh and captivating creative assets enhancing campaign resonance and performance.
  • Gartner Ads Kick-Off: Rocket’s Paid Media specialists re-evaluated the category performance on Gartner/Capterra. We removed all non-performing categories and added relevant ones to find success. We also made major changes to product details, features and integrations to maximise conversions. 
  • Landing Page A/B Testing: Rigorous A/B ad testing of Tall Emu specific landing pages vs. partner landing pages facilitated data-driven decision-making, leading to enhanced user engagement and conversion rates.



more leads than target from Paid Media


increase in Leads from Google Ads


cheaper Cost Per Lead from Paid Social


The collaboration between Rocket Agency and Tall Emu led to impressive results within three months of launch. 

  • 86% more leads than target from Paid Media
  • 147.52% increase in Leads from Google Ads
  • 44.17% cheaper Cost Per Lead from Google Ads
  • 3.2x increase in Conversion Rate on Google Ads
  • 31% cheaper Cost Per Lead from Paid Social

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