UKO Achieves 2658% ROI with Cross-Channel Digital Campaign

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UKO is Australia’s leading co-living and built-to-rent property management business with community living at its heart. Each UKO apartment is well-maintained, close to public transport and home to plenty of communal spaces and like-minded souls.


Since 2019, UKO partnered with Rocket as their full-service digital agency to drive brand awareness, generate quality leads and increase their rental uptake. 

Rocket was given full accountability for the digital marketing strategy, messaging, asset selection and budget allocation. Rocket activated a multi-channel strategy including Google Ads, Paid Social, and SEO that is supported by email marketing and CRM management. 

Post-COVID-19, opportunities for the co-living and rental market returned to a new normal. UKO expanded from a couple of locations in 2019 to 22 locations in Sydney and recently established a presence in Melbourne. 

Rocket was challenged to drive quality inquiries for UKO through digital marketing channels with a set cost per lead. This cost per lead was based on the total marketing budget i.e. the cost of media as well as agency retainer fee. Quality leads should result in increased leases and as a result, revenue.


Rocket’s team worked in partnership with UKO to achieve this objective by:

  • Understanding the role of each channel in the marketing and sales funnel.
  • Analysing performance based on valuable and relevant metrics.
  • Investing media based on real potential revenue, to ensure short-term and long-term growth.

A multichannel approach to customer acquisition was taken to align with a multi-touchpoint buyer journey. Specialists took calculated steps to ensure that multiple channels were not competing but complementing each other. Rocket focused on investing in channels that influenced prospects along their buyer journey. 

Paid Social: We launched a top-of-funnel campaign across Meta ads with the main objective to generate localised demand and drive brand awareness. The primary role of this channel is to ensure brand recall and education by explaining UKO’s offering and keeping the brand top-of-mind of the buyer. Multiple audiences were carefully selected based on website behaviour, conversions and interests. 

SEO: The goal of this channel was to increase market share by connecting with prospects that were actively searching for co-living and related keywords. Tactics included a thorough competitor analysis, content development supported by internal linking and technical SEO optimisations. We also conducted a site migration project to protect keyword rankings while improving the website’s CRO.

Paid Search: Google Ads campaigns were built out to increase market share as well by persuading people looking for UKO and related keywords. This helped UKO remain competitive with competitor campaigns, focus on demand generation by increasing enquiries for co-living and built-to-rent properties and also protect their brand by ensuring searchers keen on UKO were not swayed to competitor sites. 

Email Automation, CRM Support and CRO: 

Rocket Agency provided UKO with comprehensive support to enhance lead management and conversion:

  • Automating lead allocation for optimal prospect-to-property manager matching.
  • Setting up follow-up emails based on enquiries to improve user experience.
  • Developing detailed reports to connect paid campaigns to closed leases for full visibility.
  • Conducting a CRO review and website overhaul to enhance brand perception and user experience.



ROI on Agency + Media Spend


YoY Increase in Conversions


Cheaper CPL than Target


Rocket Agency and UKO achieved remarkable success, smashing their objectives and surpassing expectations.

  • Rocket has helped generate an ROI of 2658% for the UKO marketing campaign.
  • The number of inquiries increased by an impressive 80% YoY.
  • The CPL was more than 50% cheaper than expected, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.
  • The overall contact-to-lease conversion rate reached an impressive 10%.

The quality of leads received high praise from UKO, aligning perfectly with their target audience. With a complex cross-channel campaign and strict budget guidelines, Rocket Agency has risen to the challenge, delivering exceptional results and demonstrating a significant drop in cost per lead, along with an impressive return on investment (ROI) from the marketing engagement.

These outstanding results have enabled UKO to scale their operations faster and more confidently, and Rocket Agency's expertise in multi-channel digital marketing has played a pivotal role in their success.

Our Award Wins

  • 'Winner' Best Advertising Campaign - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'Winner' Best Social Media Campaign - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'Finalist' Best B2C Campaign - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'Finalist' Best Integrated Campaign - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'Finalist' Best Online Marketing Campaign - Real Estate - Semrush Awards 2023
  • 'Finalist' Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign - APAC Search Awards 2024

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