BOWERBIRD’s Jump in Quality Leads with Paid Social and Paid Search

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BOWERBIRD, founded in 2013, is an Australian interior design and styling company, renowned for its expertise in creating inspiring spaces for a diverse range of clients including home sellers, property developers, and commercial entities. Their comprehensive approach involves everything from initial design concepts to the specification of furniture and accessories, tailoring each project to the unique needs and aspirations of their clients.


Prior to partnering with Rocket Agency, BOWERBIRD invested in digital marketing but saw limited success. They challenged Rocket to increase the number of media-attributed leads across various business verticals, while also maintaining cost-per-acquisition (CPA) efficiency and effectively using their budget.


Rocket Agency devised a comprehensive digital strategy that leveraged both Paid Social media and Google Ads, balancing both channels to maximise overall outcomes.

Targeting Strategies:

  • Demographic and Psychographic Targeting: Targeted specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, and behaviours related to interior design.
  • Geotargeting: Focused on affluent neighbourhoods and regions undergoing development, where potential clients are likely to reside.
  • Keyword Targeting for Search Ads: Used high-intent keywords related to interior design and home styling.

Channel Mix and Ad Placement:

  • Diversified Channel Usage and Ad Placement: Implemented Google Search and Display, YouTube, and social media platforms including in-feed ads on social media, reels, video ads on YouTube, and banner ads in the Google Display Network.
  • Cross-Channel Retargeting: Implemented retargeting campaigns across Meta and Display for cohesive user experiences.

Budget Allocation Based on Performance:

  • Performance-Driven Spending: Meticulously reallocated budget based on campaign performance and results across all platforms.
  • Balancing Top of Funnel with Bottom of Funnel Campaigns: Conducted awareness campaigns with engaging content to introduce BOWERBIRD to new audiences. Prioritised conversion-oriented Search campaigns with direct calls-to-action for more engaged users

Performance Creative:

  • Rocket’s Creative team developed new ad concepts and refreshed existing ones, focusing on storytelling and targeting persona pain points to increase conversions.
  • Multiple variations of ads helped avoid ad fatigue.

Close Collaboration with BOWERBIRD:

  • Regular Reporting: Engaged in ongoing communication with BOWERBIRD for campaign performance and lead quality assessment.
  • Lead Quality Monitoring: Collaborated to track the progression of leads from MQLs to SQLs and closed deals, optimising campaigns based on these insights.



Increase in leads quarter on quarter


Increase in leads from Paid Search


Increase in leads from Paid Social


This multifaceted strategy led to significant growth across all channels, enhancing BOWERBIRD’s digital presence and driving substantial business growth.

Rocket Agency's strategy led to significant growth in key metrics:

  • 37.47% increase in site visits quarter on quarter.
  • 107.82% increase in leads quarter on quarter.
  • 41.78% increase in contact form submissions quarter on quarter.
  • 82% increase in leads from Paid Search.
  • 278% increase in leads from Paid Social.

This case study exemplifies how Rocket’s tailored digital marketing strategy, when executed with precision and creativity, can transform a brand's digital presence and drive genuine marketing results. 


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