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How LIV Mirvac Achieved 15.9X ROI with an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy in Property

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About LIV Mirvac

Mirvac’s LIV Indigo in Sydney Olympic Park is Australia’s first large-scale development based on the build-to-rent housing model. A brand new local concept in the property industry, where the building has one owner and offers long-term leasing options to tenants. The benefits include stability, flexibility, community amenities and a new home where pets, painting and artwork-hanging are all welcome. As a new category and new brand, the entire marketing strategy needed to be built up from scratch.


Rocket Agency, together with branding agency Chello were challenged to bring this concept to life with an integrated marketing campaign aimed to drive brand awareness and leases using Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, YouTube, Google Search and Spotify Radio – all this during a global pandemic and rental downturn.

Mirvac’s LIV was a brand new concept. It wasn’t possible to undertake a market review, learn from competitors or review past performance. Our objective was to help LIV sign X number of leases per month from August 2020 onwards, when LIV opened doors to tenants.


Rocket’s research identified LIV’s target market as ‘urban nomads’ and ‘modern families’ aged 24-39 and living in Western Sydney, who had little awareness of the build-to-rent concept and its benefits.

Traditionally, property marketing in Australia has relied heavily on outdoor and traditional marketing channels. Bravely Rocket suggested a digital first strategy to the launch. Outdoor, cinema, flyers and back of bus would be reduced to less than 10% of marketing spend and 90% of budget put into digital.

We launched the campaign in three stages:

  1. Teaser: To generate interest for those who have experienced the pain points of traditional renting, via Google Display and Paid Social.
  2. Awareness: A compelling campaign including live-action and animated explainer videos launched via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  3. Lead Generation: The final stage included 100s of assets with five clear positioning themes on all previous channels. Spotify and Google Search Ads were added to the mix. SEO content was carefully crafted to drive organic conversions.

A data-driven approach paved the way for this campaign with constant A/B testing with creatives, messaging, bidding strategies and more to optimise all six channels and deliver sustainable results throughout the campaign.



increase in conversion rate MoM


ROAS over 12 months


lead to customer win rate


LIV was a fresh new brand, and therefore, all direct and organic traffic – and conversions – have been a direct result of our awareness and lead generation strategies.

LIV acquired a 720% increase in conversions month-on-month by the third stage of the campaign.

The CVR for the campaign across channels was sitting at 2.37%, 2X better than the industry average. These high quality leads converted to paying customers at 4.2%, a phenomenal win rate for a new business concept. Rocket helped LIV sign an average of 20% more leases than the monthly target over 12 months. This lead to LIV achieving an ROAS of 15.9X.

This campaign is world-class, digital-first and entirely data-driven. Occupancy at LIV is now higher than expected even of the hardest stretch target. All said and done, the long-term benefits of Rocket’s marketing program have been outstanding and pleasantly surprised the entire team at LIV.

Our Award Wins

  • Winner 'NSW Social Media Marketing State Awards for Marketing Excellence' AMI Awards 2021
  • Winner ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ APAC Search Awards 2021
  • Winner ‘Best Use of Search into Cross Channel Marketing’ Search Engine Land Awards 2021
  • Winner ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ SEMRush Awards 2020
  • Finalist 'Best Use of Search – B2C' APAC Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Best Integrated Campaign' APAC Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Most Innovative Campaign' APAC Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Best Use of Data' APAC Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist ‘Best Use of Search – B2C’ APAC Search Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best Digital Campaign’ B&T Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best Data-driven Marketing Campaign’ B&T Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Online Presence Breakthrough’ SEMRush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best Advertising Campaign’ SEMRush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ SEMRush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best B2C Campaign’ SEMRush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best Use of Data’ SEMRush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best Online Marketing Campaign’ SEMRush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Highest Website Visitor Growth’ SEMRush Awards 2020
  • Finalist ‘Online Presence Breakthrough’ SEMRush Awards 2020
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“Let’s take a moment to appreciate how difficult it is to get people interested in a completely new product that has no comparison in market. It is hard. I showed up at Rocket wanting to market not just a new product, but a whole new category. They took on the challenge with gusto. The team are simply awesome to work with and show their expertise at every turn. Our results were just brilliant: 720% growth month-on-month. They made my life easier and continue still to deliver results. What more could I want? Thanks Rocket! You rock!!”

Jade MacAuslan
Marketing Manager, LIV Mirvac


The creatives were developed by Rocket Partner and LIV's branding agency, Chello. The concepts presented in the ads were developed in collaboration with LIV's internal marketing team and Chello. Hundreds of creatives were shown to the target market, tested and optimised for the best ad performance. 
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative
liv mirvac creative

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