How UpGuard Increased Leads by 372% in just 90 Days


About UpGuard

UpGuard is a global SaaS company that helps businesses manage cybersecurity risk. Their target market is broad - it includes businesses across the world that are looking for third-party risk and attack surface management software. Pre-Rocket, UpGuard had engaged with another digital marekting agency to manage their Google Ads account. Unsatisfied with the rigour and results from those campaigns, they turned to Rocket to re-vamp their Google Ads strategy and campaigns.


The objective was clear - Rocket was challenged to improve the performane of digital marketing channels while scaling up the campaign to deliver on core metris within 90 days. Based on established benchmarks, Rocket were tasked to double the number of leads, maintain or reduce the Cost per Lead and maintain the Conversion rate from the campaigns.

One of the biggest challenges was devising a campaign for the broad target audience in terms of both geography and job job titles/roles.


Rocket's launched in to a 5-fold data-driven strategy for Upguard, focussed on growth.

  • Discovery Workshop: In-depth discovery workshop with the UpGuard team to learn about their business, buyer personas and marketing approach - their product, value propositions, audiences, roadblocks, markets, goals, competitors, and the like.
  • Competitor Analysis: Thorough competitor research to generate insights and identify markets with more opportunities to scale the campaigns.
  • Google Ads Account Audit: Reviewed the account structure, campaigns, targeting and tactics implemented historically for the account.
  • Channel Expansion Review: Evaluated the need/budget to expand the campaign to other channels to get the best result for the client.
  • Tracking, Optimisation and Evaluation: Reviewed, evaluated, and added additional tracking on the account and rolled out a weekly optimisation plan, evaluating the performance of the campaign based on primary metrics (MQL, CPL and CVR) and optimising secondary metrics (Clicks, CPC, CTR and Engagement).



increase in conversions in 90 days


decrease in CPC in 90 days


decrease in CPA in 90 days


Rocket's strategic approach by audiences, product and markets, the capacity to allocate budgets based on the regions and the use of relevant messaging in the right moment provided an extraordinary performance.

Since we implemented this campaign UpGuard has seen a 372% increase in conversions while spending 71.35% more media budget. Within 90 days of our engagement:

  • Leads are up by 372%
  • Cost per lead is dow by 63%
  • Conversion rate is up by 11.7%

The secondary metrics for Search campaigns have improved significantly as well, pointing to high quality traffic from ads:

  • Clicks on ads have increased by 231%
  • Click Through Rate is up by 83.54%
  • Cost per Click is down by 55%

Our Award Wins

  • Winner 'Best Use of Search - B2B' APAC Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Best B2B Campaign' - Semrush Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Best Advertising Campaign' - Semrush Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Best Use of Search - B2B (PPC): Large' - Global Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist 'Best PPC Campaign' - APAC Search Awards 2022
  • Finalist ‘Best Advertising Campaign’ - Semrush Awards 2021
  • Finalist ‘Best B2B Campaign’ - Semrush Awards 2021
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increase in new users from paid sources


increase in qualified leads


increase in CVR from paid channels

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