Vivo Increases Smartphone Market Share with Digital


About Vivo

Vivo is a leading smartphone brand in Australia. Since its founding in 2009, Vivo has expanded to over 100 countries around the world and is currently experiencing rapid growth and popularity. In December 2020, Vivo and Zeiss announced a long-term strategic partnership to jointly promote and develop breakthrough innovations in mobile imaging technology via the Vivo X60 Series.


Vivo engaged Rocket as their ecommerce ads agency in June 2021 to launch this new premium phone, the X60 Pro, to the Australian consumer market. A phone packed with high-end specifications that seriously challenge rivals the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S21. The key objectives were:

1. Build brand awareness by launching the X60 series via YouTube
2. Connect directly with Vivo’s target market including mobile enthusiasts, shutterbugs and social media enthusiasts.
3. Persuade consumers to make a purchase.


Rocket’s digital marketing specialists deployed a well-planned strategy to hit Vivo’s KPIs by maximising a tight media budget across all stages of the campaign.

The campaign was launched via YouTube, Google Display and Google Search Ads in three stages:

  1. Warm Up - Designed to generate intrigue and interest within the custom built target audience by promoting the two key camera features that differentiated Vivo phone from others.
  2. Pre-order - A campaign with clear and compelling video assets promoting a limited-time offer and leverage scarcity to drive action. This included a bonus citation of ONE smart speaker valued at RRP $299
  3. Launch - Encouraging seasoned prospects to buy the X60 in store or at one of Vivo’s retail partner locations - JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and the like.

The campaign included multiple creatives run across channels, which promoted careful optimisation and budget allocation to maximise click-throughs and engagement.



impressions to target market


brand impressions above KPI


in Australian market for Android smartphones from #6


Because the X60 Pro was a new product, all direct and organic traffic have been a direct result of our awareness strategies.

  • Our branded search campaign (including keywords vivo x60 pro and vivo x60) delivered ~20k impressions a CPC of $0.53 – all from potential customers proactively looking for a product that did not exist in Australia at the beginning of 2021.
  • We beat target ad impression KPIs by 39% across all channels. Compared to the previous period, Vivo saw 65.31% increase in ad impressions and 38.05% more clicks from ads.
  • On average, each YouTube campaign reached over 85,000 unique users across Australia, resulting in a total watch time of almost 6000 hours.
  • Considering the total Android smartphone brand (outright Purchase segment) Vivo is currently No.4 in Australia (Up from No.6 in 2020) – this translates to 5% share in the total outright segment. Despite a challenging market in Australia, Vivo remains resilient, and agile. (Data source GFK March 2021.)


vivo creative 1
vivo creative 2
vivo creative 3

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increase in Organic Traffic YoY


increase in Direct traffic YoY


increase in homepage visits YoY
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