How BMS Increased Web Traffic Exponentially Using Search

Bio Molecular Systems

About BMS

Bio Molecular Systems are a biotechnology company that designs, manufactures, and distributes instrumentation for the life sciences. They have two main products – Mic, a QPCR cycler, and Myra, a liquid handler. Their primary persona is lab technicians in both the public & private sector. Lab technicians are workers on the ground using these medical devices each day to detect viruses like COVID-19.


The challenge was a lack of brand awareness, market presence, and a website that did not effectively speak to our persona in an appealing way. BMS attended a lot of trade shows and were struggling with people visiting their booth who had never heard of BMS and their flagship products before. BMS approached Rocket to help increase their brand awareness, website visitors and better communication their key selling points.


Rocket’s digital marketing specialists pooled in the best ideas to device a strategy that included:

  • Website Rehaul - launching a fresh homepage and product pages with a focus on CRO, including a dedicated page to serve COVID-19 related enquiries
  • SEO - A review of all offsite and onsite factors affecting search visibility
  • Video - Production of creative that displays benefits in a clear and concise way
  • Google Ads - deployed sem services in the set-up and launch of awareness-focused campaigns, and optimised to driving quality traffic.
  • Content strategy and production - including copywriting designed to drive conversions, altered significantly when the pandemic hit in 2020.



increase in Organic Traffic YoY


increase in Direct traffic YoY


increase in homepage visits YoY


BMS engaged with Rocket pre-pandemic, so when COVID-19 hit unexpectedly in 2020, they already had strong marketing foundations in place to one, maximise the opportunity and two, enable governments all over the world manage testing effectively.

  • Ultimately, the strength of our COVID messaging saw a huge increase in enquiries and sales
    worldwide. BMS have struggled to keep up with overwhelming and unprecedented demand. This is now being addressed with new warehouses & building out the manufacturing chain to support ongoing demand.
  • BMS has the UN deliver vital testing equipment to countries in need during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • There was a sizeable increase in brand awareness with Direct Traffic going up by 150%, increase in web traffic to their website (Up by 278% YoY) and product-specific pages (Up by 318% YoY). Organic traffic went through the roof, increasing by 462% YoY.
  • Moreover, the quality of traffic was high as seen by an increase in web conversions by 171% YoY.
  • The BMS campaign was a resounding success, taking something really complicated to position and sell to a known brand within their target audience globally.

"We asked for an increase in traffic and they delivered. They are good listeners, deliver on time and know their digital marketing."

Valin Reja, Head of Marketing, BMS

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brand impressions above KPI


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