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Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform, with over 300 million people using their services to purchase everything from clothes to electronics. Amazon Sell provides a platform for businesses to easily sell their products online, increase their visibility and form part of Amazon's massive growth. Amazon Sell's target market is extremely broad, including startups, B2B and B2C companies, brand owners and brand resellers that want to leverage Amazon's global audience. In 2020, Amazon Sell rolled out a new website to sustain their growth by improving organic ratings and the performance of their Paid Search campaigns.


After the launch of their new website, Amazon was struggling to see results in their Social campaigns. With a boost in digital post-COVID, Amazon went to market in mid-2020 to find an ecommerce marketing agency to scale Amazon Sell in Australia. After a highly competitive pitch, Amazon chose Rocket to run paid digital campaigns with a view to ensuring sustainable digital growth across all stages of the buyer's journey. The main objectives of the campaigns were:

  • Increase total store launches with an initial focus on Google Ads optimisation
  • Increase visibility, traffic, and organic launches by developing a bespoke SEO strategy.
  • Test the impact of awareness and consideration campaigns on launch uplift by developing Display and Social campaigns.


Rocket commenced with optimising Google Ads campaigns. Considering a successful acquisition program generates demands across all stages of customer consideration, Rocket advised that relying on bottom of funnel acquisition was not enough to achieve exponential growth. So, given the success in Paid Search, the engagement was broadened to include other performance digital channels: Organic, Paid Social, YouTube, and landing page experience.

With Google Ads, the approach was to:

  • Maintain results post-COVID, while e-commerce searches spiked and CPL saw historical records
  • Increase media spent incrementally with a view to monitor opportunities for a lower Cost/result
  • Understand cross-channel attribution, the user journey, cross-device behaviour, time lag and assisted conversions.

With SEO, Amazon faced many challenges including the lack of internal resources, competition with other Amazon properties, and difficulty in ranking for non-branded keywords. Rocket delivered a thorough campaign to combat these issues. This included:

  • Support pre and post site migration This included a detailed structural and technical site audit
  • Comprehensive keyword-based content strategy for existing web content including videos, webinars, and text-based web-pages
  • Content creation projects to produce new articles and refresh older content



increase in media management


increase in total store launches


increase in organic store launches


The results have been staggering. Despite the boom that 2020 brought e-commerce, YOY growth has been through the roof. Rocket managed a massive increase of 131% in media budget and delivered store launches with a minimal increase in Cost/Launch of just 13%.

Rocket delivered a 105% increase in total store launches from Paid search and organic channels; almost doubling the number of launches from organic.

In particular, the awareness campaigns generated excellent results, delivering CPCs for less than $1 from Australian business owners, a key persona for Amazon. This was impressive because we could not run any remarketing campaigns due to Amazon's privacy policy and restricted access to previous data.

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Increase in ROI


Increase in Revenue


Decrease in CPC

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