Making Waves in ECommerce with 77.8% Increase in ROAS for Surf Hardware

Surf Hardware

About Surf Hardware

Surf Hardware International, headquartered in Sydney with a global presence, is a top-tier supplier of surfing equipment and accessories. Their brand, FCS Australia, leads the market in surfboard fins, covers, traction, leashes, and more. The company stands out for its commitment to environmental preservation, dedicating 1% of all sales to ocean conservation initiatives, thus aligning their business operations with ecological responsibility.

As an ecommerce brand, Surf Hardware initially engaged with Rocket Agency to elevate their YouTube Ads and SEO strategy to increase their brand awareness within their niche market.


Following exceptional ecommerce results from initial campaigns, Surf Hardware expanded their partnership with Rocket to include their entire Google Ads Account. The central goal was ambitious yet clear: achieve a 2.4x return on ad spend (ROAS) for the FCS brand, which demanded a nuanced and innovative approach given the highly competitive nature of the digital advertising space for surfing equipment.


Rocket Agency embarked on an in-depth brand analysis to pinpoint the unique selling points and customer preferences within the Surf Hardware portfolio. The analysis revealed that FCS’s surfboard fins were not only the best-selling category but also the most recognised product among their offerings. 

This insight was crucial, as the target demographic - advanced and experienced surfers - demonstrated a preference for customising their surfboards with high-quality fins, differentiating them from beginner surfers who usually opt for more affordable, pre-fitted fins.

Ad Campaign Strategy and Execution:

  • Customised Keyword Strategy: To effectively capture the attention of knowledgeable surfers, Rocket Agency developed a keyword strategy focused on specific, high-level surf terms like ‘Twin Fins’ and ‘fcs quad fins.’
  • Geographic Targeting: Recognising the geographical nature of surfing, the campaign prioritised coastal regions, targeting cities, towns and suburbs known for their surfing communities.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Tactics:
    • Branded Search Campaigns: These were aimed at capturing searches related to FCS, thereby outperforming competitors also bidding on these keywords.
    • Branded Product Search: Ads were meticulously tailored to different fin types, ensuring potential customers visited the most relevant landing pages.
    • Performance Max Campaigns: These campaigns leveraged Google’s vast ad network, including Shopping, YouTube, and Display, segmented by product categories like Thruster Fins, Longboard Fins, Traction Pads, and others, optimising budget allocation based on performance.



Higher ROAS than target


increase ROAS from Google Ads over 6 months


increase in ROAS YoY from Google Ads


The campaign was a resounding success:

ROAS Excellence: The campaign not only met but significantly exceeded the target, achieving an average ROAS of 7.56. This was 2.1x better than the target.

Growth and Improvement: Compared to the previous six months, there was a 77.8% increase in ROAS from Google Ads and a substantial 39.14% increase year-over-year.

Our Award Wins

  • 'Finalist' Best B2C Campaign - Semrush awards 2023
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