How IDTA Boosted New Web Traffic by 92.6% YoY with SEO

About IDTA

The International Day Trading Academy (IDTA) delivers education programs and workshops to individuals who want to start their trading business. Since 2002, they moved all their courses online, offering live trading and coaching with a focus on supporting students with real-time coaching and live market commentary. While they invested in Paid Social and content marketing through webinars, SEO was on the back-burner for IDTA. They approached Rocket to ramp up their organic presence as a part of their long-term digital marketing strategy.


IDTA's organic growth had plateaued in 2021 as the competition in online training increased post-COVID. They were being outperformed by competitors in terms of both rankings and content. Moreover, IDTA had a disproportionate reliance on branded traffic which meant that the users that visited their site from Google were already looking for their brand. Rocket was challenged to improve IDTA's organic traffic and keyword visibility for better rankings against competitors using SEO.


Rocket's award-winning SEO team took a three-staged approach to boost IDTA's SEO results:

1. SEO audit and competitor analysis: This included a complete strategic review of IDTA's website and organic strength via Google Analytics, a thorough competitor analysis using Semrush and keyword analysis using Google Search Console. This stage underpinned the implementation strategy of the SEO retainer. Additionally, Rocket presented keyword research and mapping based on the best-suited keywords for the top 10 article pieces

2. Content review and refresh: This stage included a detailed content audit of IDTA's existing evergreen pages and blogs. The outcome was to close any content gaps and optimise current content without losing any rankings. Parallelly, our content writers built out the site further with new evergreen pages and blogs on topics that were more relevant and sought after by IDTA's target audience. Moreover, Rocket produced more content using new keywords around topics that were previously neglected, with a goal to broaden the audience and bring in fresh traffic to the website.

3. Website Improvements + Offsite Link Building: Frequent technical performance reviews revealed any website issues that were hampering the website rankings. This included crawling and indexation audits and was followed up by health checks after each implementation of changes. We also ran a project focussed on improving internal links throughout the site. Rocket also started generating offsite backlinks to IDTA's site to increase their website authority and improve traffic & ranking results.



Increase in Users YoY


Increase in New Website Users YoY


Increase in Top 3 Keywords


SEO has never been better for IDTA. Rocket has successfully diversified their SEO wins so that website traffic is not just driven from branded keywords but also from generic keywords. After the first six months of engagement, we were able to celebrate the following results:

  • 84.2% inrease in users YoY
  • 92.6% increase in new website users YoY, reflecting a win from new content and keyword rankings from Stage 3 of the campaign
  • 300% increase in Top 3 keywords
  • 376% increase in Top 10 keywords

Some of the optimised evergreen pages have jumped 90+ positions on Google, bringing the IDTA brand in front of new audiences.

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increase in Organic Traffic YoY


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