How PAC was Swimming in Success with 53% More Sign-Ups Than Target Pre-Launch

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About Parramatta Aquatic Centre

Parramatta Aquatic Centre (PAC), managed by the City of Parramatta Council, represents a significant community enhancement in the Greater Western Sydney area. Opened in 2023, PAC stands as a comprehensive fitness and wellness destination, boasting a 50-meter heated outdoor pool, a 25-meter indoor pool, a dynamic splash playground, a well-equipped gym, and a relaxing sauna.


The council's objective was to effectively communicate the myriad benefits of PAC to the local community, ensuring wide awareness and engagement pre-launch. Rocket was challenged to promote the facilities and drive up the number of membership sign ups, as the main point of conversion. This task required a nuanced understanding of the local community's interests and preferences, coupled with an effective multichannel digital marketing strategy.


Rocket Agency adopted a multi-faceted approach, leveraging both Facebook (Meta) Ads and Google Ads to reach a broad yet targeted audience.

Multi-Campaign Approach:

  • Search Ads: Focused on brand, competitor, and generic swim-related terms. Optimal keywords and copy were tailored to highlight service quality for swim-related ads and facility features for gym ads. Swim campaigns also helped drive gym conversions.
  • YouTube and Display Ads: Aimed at raising awareness and driving conversions through compelling creative content.
  • Facebook Ads: Played a crucial role in connecting PAC with potential gym members who were not actively seeking gym memberships. The campaign structure was multi-layered, targeting various user motivations.

Optimisation Strategies:

  • Age and Gender: Targeted the most responsive demographics. Based on results, females aged 25-44 were given particular focus. 
  • Creative Content: Tested static vs. animated ads, with static ads proving more effective in driving conversions at a lower cost per signup. Moreover, creatives featuring female-focused images yielded higher engagement and conversions.
  • Conversion Probability: Focused on the swim (pool) ad group within the gym campaigns for higher conversions.
  • Channel Purpose: While the Search Ads budget was directed to on Bottom of funnel campaigns, the Facebook Ads budget was split with 90% budget spent on Top of funnel campaigns and the rest distributed between middle and bottom of funnel campaigns. 



more gym signups than the targeted goal


increase in Google Ads traffic vs. the previous 5 months


reduction in the cost per signup vs target


Rocket Agency's strategic approach and meticulous execution led to outstanding outcomes for Parramatta Aquatic Centre, far exceeding the set targets. The combination of tailored ad campaigns, demographic targeting, and creative optimisation not only amplified PAC's visibility but also significantly boosted user engagement and conversions.

Key wins included:

  • 53% more gym signups than the targeted goal
  • 448% increase in Google Ads traffic vs. the previous 5 months
  • 34.7% reduction in the cost per signup vs target

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increase in conversion rate MoM


ROAS over 12 months


lead to customer win rate
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