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Understanding the Online Buyer Journey

Most of your prospects are not ready to buy from you today.

Understanding where they are in the buyer journey is critical to your ability to market to them effectively.

We often see how the concept of “love at first sight” is idealized in Hollywood movies – depictions of strangers instantly falling in love. Most of the time, real life isn’t as straightforward as this. Successful relationships require a lot of patience and hard work.

And so to it is with marketing. The process of taking someone from stranger to customer is known as the buyer journey. Understanding what this looks like for your product or service is critical to the success of your overall marketing strategy.

This guide will walk you through how the buyer’s journey works and how you can use this knowledge to position your strategy and content accordingly.

How Will This Guide Help?

  • Understand the different stages of the buyer journey
  • Develop your strategy and plan with confidence
  • Gain clarity around the importance of multiple channels and platforms
  • Learn about the best types of content at different stages of the buyer journey
  • Gain an understanding of the most important channels at each stage of the journey
  • Discover what to do with your happiest customers
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