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Transition Words for SEO

SEO transition words are important inclusions when writing content for your marketing agency. In addition to making your content easier to read, transition words positively impact the SEO rankings of your webpage. Transition words for SEO can be used in blog content, e-commerce marketing and product guides.

At Rocket Agency, our Content team use transition words to craft effective pieces of SEO Copywriting for a diverse range of clients. Our SEO services range from optimising your existing web content to developing comprehensive SEO strategies that incorporate thorough market research to boost the visibility of your web pages.

Understanding the Basics

What is a Transition Word?

Transition words are short linking words used to bridge sentences and, in some cases, paragraphs. These words or phrases improve the flow of your writing by demonstrating a clear link between two adjoining sentences. Using transition words helps to guide readers through your content and make its key points more salient.

A transition word may be a short phrase, like “in addition to”, “due to”, “on the other hand” or “as a result of”. Alternatively, it can be a singular word, such as “however”, “furthermore”, “because” or “finally”.

What is a Transition Sentence?

Building on the foundation of transition words, transition sentences show a connection between two ideas. Often, transition sentences add context to a particular idea, or show the reasoning behind a proposition. The key to writing a successful transition sentence is making sure the link between the two ideas is clear, which is often achieved by starting the sentence with a transition word or phrase.

Rocket’s Content team often implement transition sentences in their SEO copy to enhance its readability. Below, we’ve included two use cases of transition sentences helping to improve the copy on our clients’ web pages.

Example 1
The copy below is search engine optimised for a product listing piece on media converters for our client 4Cabling, who are a B2B e-commerce brand selling cables and electronics.

Media converters enable you to connect different types of media, such as twisted pair, fibre and coax, within a network. This provides you with the ability to extend your Ethernet network beyond the standard 100 metre limit imposed by copper cables and Cat6 cables.

In addition to Cat6 cables and Cat6 patch panels, 4Cabling stocks a variety of RJ45 converters and sfp modules that are simple to use. We also have DAC cables, AOC cables and fibre media converters that are designed to convert 100BASE-FX fibre to 100Base-TX copper media or in reverse

Example 2
The copy below is an excerpt from an search engine optimised article for Aurrum Kids, a childcare provider who have several locations across New South Wales and Victoria. Notice the used a transition sentence to connect two uses of play dough and provide context as to how the product came to be used in childcare.

The history of play dough, which we now associate with childhood creativity and learning, has a surprising origin story. In the 1930s, it was first created not for play but as a practical solution for cleaning wallpaper. However, educators and childcare professionals, observing its safe and pliable properties, quickly realised the benefits of playing with play dough. They recognised how this malleable substance could ignite the imaginations of young minds, offering an ideal tool for creative expression and sensory exploration.

Transition sentences are important additions to your written content. By steering readers onto the right path, a transition sentence lets your audience understand your ideas with added reasoning.

The Role of Transition Words in SEO

Transition Words SEO - Enhancing Readability for Better Rankings

Not only do transition words help improve the readability of your content for humans, they also help your writing rank higher on search engines. Long and complicated copy is difficult to read, and is unlikely to be prioritised when a user inputs one of your search terms.

Google and other search engines used to only look at the outright quantity of your SEO keywords, prioritising those articles with the highest number of relevant search terms. However, this is no longer the case. Algorithms now have a much better idea of sentence structure and flow, mimicking a human’s reading ability. 

Consider the following case studies where transition words have been used in Rocket’s SEO campaigns to generate a positive effect on readability and search rankings:

  • Rocket generated an SEO campaign for B2B printing specialist Snap Print Solutions. Utilising transition words in the copy, the optimised SEO pages increased Request a Quote rates by 44.67%, and returned a 91.5% YoY increase in Organic Transactions.
  • An SEO audit for the International Day Training Academy (IDTA) revealed a need to review and refresh their web content. The client experienced an 84.2% YoY increase in users and a 96.2% increase in web traffic. Additionally, the newly optimised pages jumped over 90 positions in Google’s search rankings.

Transition Words for SEO - Best Practices

Creating content that includes SEO transition words will ensure a high-ranking webpage that is easy for your audience to read. Below are some tips that will help you integrate SEO transition words into your copy:

  • Consider the structure of your piece, and where transition words may be most useful. For blog content, this will often be in the body paragraphs when you are attempting to justify a point. In a product listing or e-commerce webpage, you may use more transition words at the bottom of the listing to attract buyers.
  • Know and understand the differences between transition words and their separate meanings. This will help you choose the most appropriate transition word when writing your piece.
  • Only input a transition word when necessary. While their use is important, they should not be forced into the website copy for the sake of it. Saturating your writing with too many transition words can make it harder to read for both humans and search engine algorithms.

Using Transition Words Effectively

What Are Good Transition Words for General WebsiteContent?

The right SEO transition words for your content will depend on the type of point your content is making, and the specific context of the sentence. There are several types of transition words that you can use. Each is listed below:

  • Adding to a point: moreover, besides, in addition
  • Contrasting a point: however, on the other hand, yet
  • Cause and effect: therefore, thus, consequently
  • In a sequence: first, second, third, finally
  • As an example: for instance, such as, namely

What Are Some Transition Words for an Essay?

When writing academically, it is important to tailor your language to be more formal. The use of SEO transition words changes, too, reflecting a more persuasive stance that shows a true belief in your argument. Depending on the type of essay, you may wish to use a different style of transition phrase. Some are listed below:

  • Persuasive essays: however, conversely, although
  • Comparative essays: similarly, likewise, equally
  • Explanatory essays: in other words, that is to say, in order to

What Are Some Good Transition Words for Online Content?

Online content has become increasingly important for marketing your company in digital space. Depending on the platform, online content consists of a short, sharp delivery of skimmable copy makes it ideal for the fast-paced world we live in. The right transition words can help make your content as readable as it needs to be to get the attention it requires. Transition words for different types of online content are listed below:

  • Blog posts & articles: additionally, importantly, for instance
  • Webpages & landing pages: remember, don’t forget, consider
  • Social media posts: see, watch, discover
  • Emails and newsletters: as a reminder, coming up, moving forward
  • Call to action phrases: check out, join, start, try

What are Transition Words in Writing? How to Incorporate Them in Your SEO Strategy

Integration Techniques for SEO Transition Words

When incorporated well, transition words are a powerful tool in terms of both strategy and communication. There are several strategies you can use to integrate transition words into your writing, with some of our favourites detailed below:

  • Plan and Structure Content: When planning your copy, think about the key turning points in the writing, or any time when a linking sentence is needed. Use transition words at those points to ensure your content flows smoothly from one sentence or paragraph to the next. 
  • Think About the User: Only implement transition words where they fall naturally into place. Avoid overusing them to maintain the flow of the writing and ensure the content is still easily skimmed by users in a rush.
  • Tailor to the Type of Content: Make sure the transition words you have used fit the structure and style of your piece.

Tips for Using Transition Words in Writing

Transition words are designed to enhance the flow of your writing. Moreover, they can add  clarity to the piece, which can improve SEO search ranking. Below are some tips you can use to ensure transition words are effectively placed within your writing.

  • Place them logically: Transition words should be used at points of the article where ideas connect. They can also be implemented to clarify your position on a particular issue.
  • Guide the reader: Maintaining the flow of your writing ensures that it will be easier to read once published. Using transition words to keep a long-form piece moving or to reinforce an argument in a persuasive article enhances the readability of your writing.
  • Improve conciseness: You can highlight important points and emphasise key information within your writing with a transition word such as “most importantly” or “notably”. 
  • Increase user engagement: Effectively integrated transition words make your content more engaging to read and keep readers interested for longer, reducing bounce rates. Also consider using transition words at the beginning of paragraphs, to signal important points to readers and search engines.
  • Maintain a natural tone and style: Avoid overusing transition words by only implementing them where they improve the flow of your content. Also, ensure the transition words you choose match the tone and style of your writing.


Strategically integrating SEO transition words in your content enhances both the readability and SEO performance of your digital marketing. From a writing perspective, they can be used to connect ideas, sentences and paragraphs to guide the reader through your content. However, they should only be used when they can naturally add value to the writing. which involves adding them strategically at points of interest or to link sections of content to one another.

Transition words can also make your writing more appealing to search engine algorithms. By improving the flow of your content, they can increase the amount of time audiences spend reading your article, which highlights your article to the likes of Google’s search algorithm. SEO transition words also make the article more appealing to a wider variety of people, as it can either be read thoroughly or skimmed by someone looking for only the most relevant points.

If you need help creating SEO content that effectively uses transition words, contact our award-winning team at Rocket Agency. Our talented SEO specialists have a wealth of experience running SEO campaigns that meet our clients’ objectives and resolve their marketing challenges. Contact us here or call 1300 059 620.

Garry Viner
Co-Founder and Senior SEO Strategist | Rocket Agency

As the Co-Founder and Senior SEO Strategist at Rocket Agency, Garry has worked to launch and improve marketing campaigns for leading Australian and international brands including Meriton Suites, Luna Park and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Garry combines his solid mathematical background with a grounding in actuarial studies with business insight and empathy to create cutting-edge marketing campaigns. As a lifelong learner, he stays up-to-date with martech trends in this fast-moving digital space. At Rocket, he has led a team of PPC and SEO specialists that have run award-winning ad campaigns.

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