How to Use Facebook or Meta Ads Library to Improve Ads

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Eshita Durve

As the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook has the ability to carry your advertising to more people than any other channel. Using Facebook as an advertising platform allows you to tailor your online ads to your target audience and reach the widest possible segment. 

Part of using Facebook to advertise your business involves knowing who you are targeting and the strategy to do so. That’s where the Facebook Ads Library or Meta Ads Library can help, providing a transparent view of the strategies, content and performance of a client or competitor’s previous campaigns. Using the Ad Library effectively will provide you with current industry information on what works and what doesn’t when advertising on the Facebook platform.

At Rocket Agency, our Paid Social experts combine their extensive knowledge of creating Facebook campaigns with insights from the Facebook Ads Library to develop a suite of Facebook advertisements for our clients.

Understanding the Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ads Library has become an effective tool for digital marketing professionals looking to enhance their online ad strategy. The Ad Library is a public database of all active advertisements on the Facebook platform and includes data on when an ad was produced, who created it, and the type of creative strategy it used. 

Using the Facebook Ads Library allows marketers to access a vast array of Facebook ads. From these, you can narrow down the results to only include those of relevance to your field or organisation, and analyse the results of this narrow search to draw critical insights that will shape future marketing campaigns.

The 3 Elements of the Facebook Ad Library

There are three customisable elements in the Facebook Ad Library, which can be used to search for and then refine the results of Facebook ads.

  • Select country and ad category: Selecting the country and type of advertisement you would like to see results for helps refine your Facebook ads search. 
  • Specify keywords and brands: In the adjacent search bar, enter the names of any organisations that are of particular interest to your search. These will most likely be competitor brands that have consistently developed high-quality, popular Facebook ads.
  • Add filters: Once you have searched the Ads Library, you can narrow down your search using filters. You can filter the result by language, advertiser, media type, activity status, and time and date.

After these three steps have been completed, the Facebook Ads Library will display all matching results, ready for you to browse, save, analyse and take inspiration from!

How to use Facebook Ad Library in Marketing

The Facebook Ads Library is one of the most powerful tools that digital marketers have at their fingertips. By inputting a simple search and auditing the results, you can understand how your competitors are positioning their brands on Facebook, what audiences they are targeting and why they chose their creative strategy elements. You can use the insights from these successful Facebook ad campaigns to identify industry trends and explore any gaps in the market. 

Once you have created your advertisements, you can use the reporting insights from your search results to ensure your campaigns remain current and optimised for performance.

Rocket’s team of Paid Social specialists use the Facebook Ad Library to audit your brand’s existing Meta ads and understand the ins and outs of your industry. From there, we use the Ad Library’s data to help craft Facebook ads that fit your audience and the nature of your campaign, driving higher conversion rates and more interaction with your brand.

Best Practices for Using the Ads Library for Facebook

Facebook’s Ad Library can be used for a multitude of reasons when developing a new campaign. Here are a few important tips for using the Facebook Ad Library when creating a new campaign:

  • Use data to your advantage: Identify key metrics, ad attributes and audience insights to shape your Facebook ads and tailor them to effectively reach your target audience.
  • Gain insights from competitors: Download videos from Facebook that your competitors have produced and identify what sections of their strategy made their ad successful. At the same time, avoid saturating the market with too much of one idea.

See whether an ad is working: Look at your own advertising’s engagement metrics, conversion rates and click-through rates and determine whether your approach was cost-effective.

How to use FB Ads Library to learn from your competitors

Your competitors can be some of your strongest assets, holding the secrets to success for your next Facebook advertising campaign. The capability of the Facebook Ads Library to access key data of your competitors’ ads allows you to tailor your campaigns to the preferences of your segment audience. The Ads Library is useful for:

  • Finding competitor ads: Use the Facebook Ads Library’s search functions and filters to find advertisements that directly compete with your offerings. Seek out those that resonate most with your brand’s values and image.
  • Saving competitor ads: Keep the ads you find in the Library for later reference, or in case they are ever removed from the site altogether. Learn how to download a video from Facebook using one of the many apps or Chrome extensions available.
  • Analysing competitor ads: Find out what made your competitors’ advertisements successful, or not. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in the media, copy and platform of their work, and apply the insights to your own campaigns.

Latest FB Ads Library Trends and Innovations

The Facebook Ads Library is a continually evolving platform, with different formats, messages and media being favoured by Facebook audiences. This year, there are a number of new trends being implemented in Facebook ads, including:

  • Interactive advertising formats, such as augmented reality experiences and instant storefronts, are popular with consumers of online B2C brands. 
  • Short-form video content remains popular with a wide range of audiences, particularly when they are entertaining pieces of content that provoke engagement.
  • Shoppable ads that let users purchase directly from Facebook make it easier for customers to purchase goods and services while remaining on the platform.
  • Personalised recommendations that follow the algorithms of the platform mean your ads are more likely to be seen by your target audience.
  • Eye-catching ad designs that are optimised for mobile devices and integrate seamlessly with other advertising channels are likely to lead to more conversions

Applying these trends to your Facebook advertising will help you to create high-quality content tailored to the preferences of your target audience. Leveraging trends from sources like the Facebook Ad Library leads to heightened brand awareness and improved conversion rates. Continuing to monitor the Ad Library for new trends will help your brand stay ahead of the curve and establish your brand as a market leader.

Our experienced Paid Social team are across the latest trends in Facebook ads. We work on Facebook campaigns day in and day out, driving results for our clients with strategic, creative thinking and combined decades of industry knowledge.

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Discover the Ad Library for Facebook Advertising

The Meta Ads Library will continue to be an effective resource for digital marketers throughout the year. Using the Library, marketers can extract insights into Facebook’s operation and implement advertising techniques that have proven to work well on the platform. The Facebook Ad Library promotes informed content creation through a deeper understanding of previously successful campaigns from competitors and the latest advertising trends. Learning from these proven advertisements allows you to craft impactful campaigns that engage your desired audience segment.

At Rocket Agency, our Paid Social team use insights from the Facebook Ad Library to create successful campaigns for clients on the Meta platform. We have a wealth of experience combining data-driven research with knowledge of the latest industry trends and the needs and goals of your business.

Contact Rocket Agency on 1300 059 620 today to find out more about our Facebook advertising services and how we can work together.

Eshita Durve
Marketing Manager | Email & Content Lead | Rocket Agency

Eshita is Rocket Agency’s Marketing Manager as well as the Email & Content Lead. In 2021, Eshita was nominated as a finalist at the B&T Women In Media awards in the marketing category for her success in scaling Rocket’s own marketing efforts.

Previously, Eshita was the Marketing Manager at Sales ITV where she was responsible for executing the marketing strategy and operations focused on lead generation, lead nurturing and sales conversion for SalesITV, SalesROI and the Dean Mannix brand. 

She has had in-depth experience in monetising owned media channels via email, CRM, copywriting, public relations, as well as scaling and running successful online webinars. What’s more, Eshita’s experience working closely with sales teams has enhanced her skillset as a proficient marketer that achieves impressive results.

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