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Template: Perfect Your Buyer Personas

Let buyer personas take the guesswork out of your marketing.

With accurate buyer personas you'll have semi-fictional representations of your ideal types of customers. If you need to market different products or services you might end up with a large number of unique personas.

The crucial thing about a buyer persona is that it forces you as a marketer to think about the things that matter to your buyers. What are their challenges and opportunities? What are they looking for? Where do you find them? What demographic information describes them?

When you create awesome buyer personas, you start to think about what perfect customers are most likely to value in your product or service. Used properly, a buyer persona will give you the edge in making sure your beautifully constructed campaigns actually work!

What Should You Expect?

  • Receive Rocket's own templates for buyer persona development
  • Contains both our Buyer Persona Grid and our Detailed Buyer Persona templates
  • Help others in your business understand who you're actually marketing to
  • Provides excellent content for a collaborative team meeting
  • Understand what motivates your best customers
  • Gain clarity around the themes that need to go into new ads, content and copy
  • Learn what makes your perfect prospects tick

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