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Webinar: Digital Marketing in Australia 2021

Available On Demand

Join B&T’s Marketer of the Year Finalist James Lawrence for 60 minutes loaded with insights and action points on how to get digital marketing right in 2021.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the digital marketing landscape has changed in 2020
  • Changes in Google that impact your digital marketing strategy
  • SEO in 2021– why it’s a no-brainer addition to your marketing mix
  • Paid Search in 2021 – why a blanket approach won’t work
  • YouTube Marketing – missed opportunity for Aussie businesses
  • B2B marketing campaign – how an integrated LinkedIn campaign works
  • Facebook marketing and the exhaustive targeting options available
  • Marketing Automation, Email and why CRM databases are imperative
  • A winning approach to content marketing
  • 6 Signs You are Doing Digital Right

James Lawrence

Co-Founder, Rocket

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