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SEO in 2023: 9 Strategies to Help You Drive Results

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Rocket Agency’s Co-Founder & Director, James Lawrence, and Head of SEO, Daniel Costa answer your biggest SEO questions in 2023.

This 60-minute webinar includes insights on how to build a strong SEO strategy and deliver quality organic leads for your business, followed by a Q&A.

Key Takeaways

  • ChatGPT: This is the biggest technological change to SEO in the past 10 years. Daniel and James outline exactly how ChatGPT should be used to stay ahead of your SEO competitors. Importantly, Daniel and James discuss how ChatGPT should not be used in order to comply with Google's terms of service.
  • SEO Health Check: Marketers often struggle to know how their SEO approach stacks up against best-practice. Daniel and James share simple steps you can take to benchmark your current performance so you can judge whether your current SEO team (in-house or agency) is actually performing.
  • Biggest Changes to Google’s Algorithm: Learn about the most relevant trends in Search and changes to Google's algorithm as they relate to 2023. Find out what’s happening globally and specifically in Australia.
  • How To Actually 'Do' Offsite: The experts discuss a proven approach to building the correctly weighted offsite SEO strategy for your business. It includes a deep-dive on link acquisition, what makes a good link, how to balance your backlink profile and important offsite factors that don't relate to links.
  • And much more...

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Presented By: 

James Lawrence

James Lawrence

Co-Founder, Rocket Agency
Daniel Headshot

Daniel Costa

Head of SEO, Rocket Agency