Top 7 Frustrations of a Digital Marketing Manager - How We Can Support You

by Eshita Durve on 
February 26, 2021 | 
Digital Marketing Strategy
Eshita Durve

Take a deep breath, digital marketers. I see you, I’ve been there. I am there. 

You’re juggling all the things and balancing all the budgets, and it’s only natural you might be feeling frazzled in your role.

Amongst high expectations, limited resources and complex tracking, here are seven of the biggest sources of frustration and stress for digital marketing managers – and how to ease some of the pressures.

1. Unreasonable expectations

It only takes one person to say “We’re not even ranking on the first page of Google” to ruin your Tuesday morning. If it feels like everyone’s expecting you to magic up leads overnight. Hiring a marketing specialist or subscribing to the best CRM automation tool is not going to solve marketing issues overnight, or even over a few more nights. Here’s where getting management on board with clear objectives and a solid strategy can help manage expectations and save your sanity.

2. Budget wrangling

You’ll no doubt be balancing your budget between volume of leads and quality of leads, as well as among all the right channels to reach your target audience. Navigating the ROI for each of those budgets can be a time-consuming and complex process. This why our digital marketing company has SEM and Social Media Ads specialists to help with exactly that.

3. Attribution issues

John Wanamaker was stating a timeless truth in the 1800s when he said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” While lead tracking has become exponentially clearer, we have to accept that not everything in digital marketing can be measured accurately and there’s no one silver bullet to all your lead generation goals. At Rocket, we like to look at the larger context of the customer journey and then hone in on a granular channel level.

4. Keeping up with industry changes

Between Google’s algorithms and Facebook’s overnight changes, keeping up with the evolution of platforms and media channels can be a full-time job in itself. There’s also staying on top of marketing jargon, and separating the genuinely useful marketing trends from the latest ‘new and shiny’ thing. Subscribing to Rocket can help you be on top of what’s going on with digital marketing in Australia.

5. Wearing many hats (even if they are fun ones!)

There’s a reason people joke about the ‘digital marketing unicorn’ – all too often you’re expected to be a specialist across everything from analytics and reporting, to copywriting, to ecommerce, to video and photography skills.

Pep talk time: If you’re struggling to do it all, this isn’t a shortfall on your behalf – as you know, each one of these skillsets takes time and in-depth understanding. It’s exactly why business are choosing Rocket as their outsourced marketing agency that can support them and so they can focus on what they do best.

6. Conversion problems outside your remit

You can do your job perfectly and still have conversions let down by a crucial point within the business. Perhaps the sales team isn’t following up on leads, or perhaps customers are getting overwhelmed at a key point in the onboarding process. It’s best to work with your broader team to set clear expectations and identify the actual gaps in your pipeline.

Here’s a list of simple solutions to ensure your Sales and Marketing teams become BFFs.

7. Lack of support from within the business

To find out whether working with an agency is realistic for your marketing budget, check out our article: how much do digital agencies charge?

If you’re generally feeling that you’re not getting the right kind of support – be it resourcing or marketing budget to back up the KPIs set for you, then perhaps your organisation could benefit from a second opinion. This is just one of the benefits of speaking with the right agency.

We’re supporting digital marketing managers and teams all over Australia. Call Rocket Agency today on 1300 059 620, or contact us, and let’s discuss how we can support you in your role as the Marketing Manager and take the digital marketing pressure off you.

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Eshita Durve
Marketing Manager | Email & Content Lead | Rocket Agency

Eshita is Rocket Agency’s Marketing Manager as well as the Email & Content Lead. In 2021, Eshita was nominated as a finalist at the B&T Women In Media awards in the marketing category for her success in scaling Rocket’s own marketing efforts.

Previously, Eshita was the Marketing Manager at Sales ITV where she was responsible for executing the marketing strategy and operations focused on lead generation, lead nurturing and sales conversion for SalesITV, SalesROI and the Dean Mannix brand. 

She has had in-depth experience in monetising owned media channels via email, CRM, copywriting, public relations, as well as scaling and running successful online webinars. What’s more, Eshita’s experience working closely with sales teams has enhanced her skillset as a proficient marketer that achieves impressive results.

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