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Join host and TEC CEO Stephanie Christopher for TEC Live as she sits down with business leaders and inspiring guests covering relevant leadership topics that are top of mind for SME business leaders. If you're passionate about growth, looking for fresh inspiration or just interested in what other leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

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Rocket Co-Founder David Lawrence reflects on his experience in business over 2020….Challenging, scary but enjoyable? ‘The most enjoyable year in business’ … well that’s because David is a natural problem solver!

He shares how they addressed their most important challenge this year and that was ‘people’…their team and their clients. People being their greatest asset and the importance of giving them certainty one way or the other.

The conversation moves to the all-important issue for most business leaders and that's about the future of work and the getting the balance right as they move into 2021. David also talks about how his peer advisory group supported him throughout 2020 with all its ups and downs and so much more...

A great listen for all business leaders!

Presented by:

David Lawrence

David Lawrence

Rocket Agency
Stephanie Christopher

Stephanie Christopher

CEO, The Executive 

TEC Live - Leadership Insights

David Lawrence reviews Rocket Agency's leadership challenges pre-lockdown and discusses how the company has emerged stronger from the initial crisis.

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