5 Important Email Marketing Workflows for B2B and B2C Businesses

by Eshita Durve on 
October 18, 2023 | 
Email Marketing
Eshita Durve

Email workflows are a series of automated emails that are sent based on the subscriber's contact information, behaviour, or preferences.

Email workflows play a critical role in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies. They’re automated, targeted, and timely. However, for some reason, email “workflows” and “automation” is met with some level of nervousness and fear by marketing professionals who aren’t specialists in that channel. 

Email workflows don’t have to be too complicated; simple one or two step email workflows can go a long way in strengthening your marketing impact. These nurture workflows not only ensure your business runs seamlessly but also allow you to connect with your customers in a more personalised and efficient manner.

Benefits of Email Workflows for Businesses

  • Saves Time: Automated workflows take manual processes out of the equation. This means fewer errors and more time for you to focus on other pressing tasks.
  • Keeps Your Brand Top-of-Mind: Regular, relevant, and timed communication keeps your brand at the forefront of your customers' minds.
  • Builds Better Customer Relationships: Setting expectations from the outset means customers know what to anticipate. Setting clear expectations ensures you and your customers are on the same page, leading to a smoother journey.

Let's Dive Into the Five Most Important Email Workflows

1. Post-enquiry Thank You Email Workflow

What is it? An immediate response to a user's enquiry, letting them know their request is received.

Best Practice: Keep it short and informative. Detail when they can expect a response and provide a snippet about what your company offers concerning the product or service they're interested in. If it is relevant to your business, include the next steps the user needs to take form their end.

2. Website Revisit Email Workflow

What is it? A triggered email for warm users who have shown continued interest in your brand by revisiting your site multiple times. Most sophisticated CRMs allow you to track a captured contact based on their IP address, and set up a trigger based on set number of website visits.

Best Practice: Ensure the email is dispatched only once within a specified timeframe (say, every six months) to prevent inundating the user with the same email. The content should be tailored to their browsing habits, nudging them closer to conversion.

3. Cart Abandonment Email Workflow (B2C) or Sales Process Abandonment Email Workflow (B2B)

What is it? A gentle reminder to users who have abandoned their purchase or enquiry midway.

Best Practice (B2C): Provide a visual of the items left in the cart, enhancing the chances of recall and eventual purchase.

Best Practice (B2B): For leads that suddenly go cold, email workflows provide a fantastic opportunity to re-engage with them. However, if they've indicated a reason for their delay, ensure they're excluded from this workflow to avoid appearing pushy. You can do this by setting up a ‘Not to be Nurtured’ field on the contact level and adding such contacts to the exclusion list of your workflow.

4. Post-Sale Email Workflow

What is it? An essential touchpoint after the purchase is complete.

Best Practice (B2C): Opt for an aesthetically pleasing HTML format, urging customers to provide testimonials or feedback, ensuring they know their opinions are valued.

Best Practice (B2B): A more personal, plain-text email from a senior member of your team goes a long way. It assures the client of your commitment to exceptional service.

5. Post-Event Email Workflow

What is it? A series of emails for users who interact with your site's content or events.

Best Practice: Whether they've attended an event or downloaded content, such users have shown genuine interest. Nurturing these leads through personalised content is a surefire way to inch them closer to becoming loyal customers.

Thank you email example

Thank you email example

Cart Abandonment email example

Cart abandonment email workflow example

Email marketing can give your sales pipeline the much-needed bump it needs to meet your targets. At Rocket, we get how important it is for your marketing strategy to positively impact your bottom line.

Craft a lasting impression. Make every email count. Get in touch with our team for help.

Eshita Durve
Head of Marketing | Email Lead | Rocket Agency

Eshita is Rocket Agency’s Head of Marketing and Email Lead. Eshita has been a finalist at the B&T Women In Media awards in the marketing category for her success in scaling Rocket’s own marketing efforts.

Previously, Eshita was the Marketing Manager at SalesITV where she was responsible for executing the marketing strategy and operations focused on lead generation, lead nurturing and sales conversion.

She has had in-depth experience in monetising owned media channels and scaling and running successful online webinars. What’s more, Eshita’s experience working closely with sales teams has enhanced her skillset as a proficient marketer who achieves impressive results.

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