Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

by Kayley Melham on 
June 09, 2023 | 
Digital Marketing Tactics
Kayley Melham

Engaging in a solid digital marketing strategy with specialists can give your business competitive edge.

Whether your want to build online brand presence, generate high-quality leads, drive ecommerce sales or even nurturing your existing customers, the strengths of a digital marketing agency can often outweigh the time and resources of hiring and training an in-house team.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency:

1. Expertise and specialised knowledge

Outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency of experienced professionals means you are working closely with trained digital marketing specialists who understand the idiosyncrasies and technicalities of the online marketing tools and ad platforms. They have likely worked on numerous ad campaigns with brands similar to yours, and can offer highly strategic recommendations that have previously delivered results.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a cost-effective solution compared to onboarding  a team member in-house. This is especially the case when you have an entire team of marketing strategists, project managers, designers, developers and copywriters working on your account, rather than a single individual. Moreover, unlike a time-poor in-house marketer, agencies are focused on maximising your ROI by allocating your marketing budget strategically and efficiently.

3. Time and resource efficiency

Working with an agency means you don’t need to spend time and resources building and optimising campaigns, planning and writing content, or even designing creatives - your digital marketing agency can take over these tasks for you! By letting your agency handle your online presence, you are able to concentrate more on strategy, and prioritise other important marketing activities.

4. Fresh perspectives and creativity

You can’t read the label from inside the bottle. Working with an agency of creative and innovative thinkers will ensure that specialists bring a fresh perspective on your marketing efforts. Is there an opportunity among the channels that you’re not currently activating? Are you making the most of your marketing budget? Are there more effective ways to engage with your target audience?

5. Access to advanced tools and technologies

Agencies typically have access to software and tools such as Semrush, Screaming Frog, Adobe Creative Suits that you might not have the budget for, or don’t have the knowledge and expertise to use effectively. This can provide valuable insights about your campaign or website performance that help run better ad campaigns that drive business results.

6. Keeping up with industry trends

Partnering with a digital marketing agency ensures that your business stays up-to-date on industry trends and can take advantage of emerging opportunities. Specialists have eyes and hands on many accounts, and can take note of industry-wide patterns that could be affecting your campaign - especially with emerging post covid digital trends. What’s more, agencies have close connections with industry representatives from Google, Meta and other major online players that make resolving ad related issues easier and faster.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

Specialist v generalist agency

Specialised agencies bring in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific area, such as SEO or PPC channels, or they may be agencies that specialise in running campaigns for a particular vertical. GHeneralist agencies on the other hand, offer a more comprehensive range of services for businesses across industries. While there are benefits to working with a specialist v generalist agency, you should firstly agree on your business objectives and have a clear understanding about what channels you want to engage in.

Experience and portfolio

Look for a digital marketing agency that has experience working with businesses and industries similar to yours, but will also take into consideration your unique needs and challenges. Consider their case study portfolio and the results that they’re able to deliver for their clients. It’s also important to read reviews of their performance and whether they’re able to meet the expectations of their client base.

Business values alignment

Work with an agency that is aligned with your internal company values. You will experience immense benefit from a team that values transparency, open communication and collaboration, rather than a churn-and-burn agency.

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Kayley Melham
Marketing Professional | Rocket Agency

Kayley is a marketing professional, specialising in writing insightful and informative copy, organising webinar events, and managing organic social channels. She has also been the producer of the Smarter Marketer Podcast, the definitive podcast for Australian marketers, hosted by Rocket's Co-founder and Director, James Lawrence. 

Kayley has also worked at Fujitsu General Australia, where she ran their Paid Social ad campaigns, worked end-to-end on their national campaign, assisted in their website overhaul project, and supported the execution of several company and external events.

She has also managed organic social media channels for local businesses in both the hospitality and construction space, to build brand awareness in the local community by skyrocketing both followers and engagement. 

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