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Download: Recession Marketing Manifesto

Grow, shrink or fail? Today’s marketing decisions will shape your future.

Companies who maintain or increase marketing spend during economic decline come out of recessions stronger than those who reduce it. This has been proven time and again. The trouble is that a lot of people don’t know how to do this properly, or their business panics and they cut back anyhow.

We’re so bullish about the opportunities that will exist for smart and aggressive companies, and so frustrated by the mistakes we’re seeing made, that we’ve put everything we know into this manifesto.

We want you to look back in two years' time and know you squeezed every last drop of opportunity from your competitors' decisions to reduce their marketing spend during the current crisis.

Why should you download this FREE guide?

  • 12 declarations outlining precisely what needs to be done to grow market share from the current crisis
  • Specific actions you can take to drive leads and sales starting today
  • The evidence and examples you need to convince your boss now is the time to invest in marketing
  • Advice on why you need to build a recession recovery team in your business
  • Advice on budget management, messaging, agility, sales funnels and more
  • No holds barred advice on why sales and marketing cannot keep working separately through the recovery
  • Details of a special offer for readers of this guide
  • Our complete list of recession marketing recovery declarations

The Recession Marketing Manifesto will ensure your business increases its market share and revenue as a direct result of the current crisis.

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The Recession Marketing Manifesto

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