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The Best Practice Guide to Creating a Landing Page that Improves Your Conversions

by Rocket on 
January 15, 2019 | 
Design, Writing and Video

A carefully crafted landing page can see your conversion rate soar. On the flip side, a sloppy landing page can see your marketing budget and content marketing efforts squandered.

Landing pages are much more than just throwing up a page with a subscription form at the bottom. Creating a great landing page requires well-structured and persuasive copy that promotes an unbeatable offer, supported by a visually appealing design. All with the aim of convincing the visitor to your page to take action and opt-in to your email list or buy your product or service.



Here are 10 tips for creating a compelling landing page that drives sales and boosts your conversion rate.

1. The Breadcrumb Technique

This clever technique is a great way to encourage opt-ins without applying too much pressure and scaring off visitors to your landing page.

People generally don’t like to be pressured into things. The breadcrumb technique sets the benchmark of being casual, asking a simple question before coming back later for more information.

Instead of asking straight out for your prospects name, email, etc., ask a simple question that's easy to answer. Compliance psychology tells us that people are much more likely to give you their personal information after a dialogue has opened up. Your visitors can stay anonymous at first, before allowing you to collect their personal info at the second stage.

2. Authentic Social Proof

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for collecting testimonials and real pictures of your happy customers. You need to get their consent first, but glowing testimonials accompanied by real photos provides compelling visual social proof.

Social proof is a great way to boost the credibility of your landing page offer and show the value proposition of your product or service.

First impressions are crucial, so be ruthless in removing any clutter from your page and having a strict hierarchy of information, including testimonials and real photos of your customers.

3. Compelling CTAs

Generic calls to action can pull down your conversion rate. You need something more compelling than the unimaginative “sign up here” or “read more”.

Be descriptive and unambiguous with your offer to increase click-through rates on your CTAs. Don’t be too worried about keeping your CTAs short and punchy, focus on showcasing the value of your offer.

If you have the data, tailor your CTAs to the current position of your prospect in the sales funnel. Personalised CTAs targeted to your prospect have a higher chance of converting.

4. Use Adwords Analysis to Optimise Your Landing Page

Adwords data can be an invaluable resource to gain a better understanding of your prospects and inform your landing pages. Analyse your data to identify your best performing keywords, demographic data, and the search terms that trigger your ads.

This data enables you to target your landing pages at your refined customer persona. Knowing the pain points of your audience and writing customer-focused copy is the foundation for creating landing pages that convert.

5. Remove Social Media Links

The aim of a landing page is to convert. The more watertight your page, the higher your conversion rate. By including social media links, no matter how good they look on your page, you are adding a leak that could siphon away visitors from your CTA and your offer.

6. Landing Page Design

Start by identifying the basic design concepts of your landing page:

  • Font Style
  • Colour palette
  • Images/visual media
  • Font size
  • Design of CTA button

The web design choices for your landing page should be influenced by the nature of your offer, and the business you are in. Red, orange, and black colours are great for targeting impulse buyers, while softer tones like pale blue and pink are used to target more traditional buyers.

As Magicdust reminds us, it is standard best practice to match your website page design with any ads that direct people to that landing page. Reduce your bounce rate by incorporating similar fonts and colours to avoid any disengagement when people arrive on your page.

7. Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills

If you can't spell, then you can't sell. Compelling and error-free copy is crucial for conversion. Use active and energetic language to get visitors excited about your offer, without resorting to hyperbole.

Keep the energy level up throughout the body of your copy, maintaining engagement and targeting the pain points of your customer persona to make your offer and your CTA irresistible.

Think about creating a style guide to ensure a consistent tone and brand identity across your ads, landing pages, and website design content.

8. Visual Media

Landing pages with visual content convert better than those without. Tech conglomerate Cisco predicts 80% of all Internet traffic will belong to video by 2021.

You want to tap into all of that traffic. A video that highlights the best features and benefits of your service or product can be a compelling marketing tool. Videos also provide excellent content repurposing opportunities.

Once you create a video for your landing page, you can use it in your blog posts, on Youtube, and across your other social media platforms.

The right images can be just as compelling, whether stock images or graphics created specifically for your product or service. Just make sure that they complement your existing design and align with your brand image.

9. Navigation

While it ’ s good practice to remove distractions and potential leaks from your landing page offer, removing all links apart from the CTA isn't the right solution for everyone.

What happens when your prospect isn't quite ready to convert and accept your offer? You don’t want to say goodbye to all that traffic.

Including a link to your homepage or most successful blog post can help nudge along prospects that aren't ready to convert. A link to your website lets them get more familiar with your brand and move further along your sales funnel.

What's right for you depends on the aim of your landing page and where it's located in your sales funnel.

10. SEO

Traffic to your landing page is directed from ads, content marketing, and CTAs on your website. So why is SEO important?

SEO is a crucial element of a landing page that many marketers neglect. Use keywords, correct H tag hierarchy, and add image alt attributes to your visual content. You want your landing page content to rank with Google and generate as much traffic as possible. The more people that see your landing page, the better.


A landing page is where your hard work comes to fruition, where the traffic turns into leads, where people make purchases. Once you've created your landing page and started to drive traffic towards it, don ’ t just leave it there. Analyse your data to see how it’s performing. Heat maps, user recording sessions, and scroll-maps can highlight the areas you need to focus on improving. Creating and refining landing pages is pivotal to getting the best performance out of your traffic, and the best return on your advertising budget.

If you’re interested in speaking to a team who can help scale your marketing investment as needed to reach your business goals then get in touch. We always love to have a chat and can be reached on 1300 059 620 or by contacting us here.

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