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20 Point Landing 
Page Checklist

Want to build a high-converting landing page? Not sure where to start?

Here’s a 20-point checklist on just how to build a high-converting one, easy.

Here at Rocket, we know our campaigns will often live or die based on the quality of the landing pages we send traffic to.

We use this checklist to ensure we are giving new campaigns the highest chance of success. It’s a list of best practices. This means it will point you in a direction we know has worked well for others. However, to know what will work for you, we’d encourage further discussion and testing. Best practice is simply a good place to start.

How Will This Checklist Help?

  • Learn best practice for designing high converting landing pages
  • See examples of designs and copy that works
  • Includes a print-ready cheat sheet

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Learn Best Practice For Designing Great Landing Pages. Includes inspiring examples and a print-ready cheat sheet

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