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Features Versus Benefits Worksheet

Here’s the ugly truth: No one really cares about your product or service.

Your prospects care about themselves, their loved ones and their work way more than they will ever care about your product.

Marketing 101 dictates that you need to address the issues relevant to your prospects. That’s exactly where this Features vs. Benefits worksheet comes in - it’s one of the simplest tools you’ll find to help you write that perfect marketing message

Features are about your product or service. They are an excellent way of detailing the specifics of your offering. They give prospects rational facts they need to justify their purchase. However, a campaign with just a list of features can leave prospects confused as to what your product or service would mean in their actual lives.

Benefits are about your prospect. They enhance the features and demonstrate outcomes one can achieve by using your product or service. They get prospects involved emotionally. They help drive the purchase decision.

How Will This Worksheet Help You?

  • Visualise your product’s features in one snapshot
  • Articulate the current benefits of your offering to your prospects
  • List potential future benefits associated with certain product features
  • Craft marketing copy to include both features and benefits
  • Match your prospects’ pain points to your products and services

Our Features vs. Benefits worksheet will help you answer the age-old ‘what’s in it for me’ question in a straight-forward manner so you can write winning marketing copy.

Are you crafting a new offer or marketing message for your business? Download our free Features vs Benefits worksheet!

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